It’s Nutella week at the Cottage – by the way, shouldn’t it be every week? –  and after trying our hands at homemade Nutella and a Nutella icing, we’re going to feature 25 Nutella desserts that will make you drool.

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts |

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts

We know. It’s hard not to spoon Nutella straight from jar, but if you hold back for a moment we’ll share our list of 25 spectacularly delicious Nutella Desserts from our friends, fave bloggers and YouTubers. Yes, there will be cake and cookies, crepes and waffles, truffles, a milkshake and the most amazing Nutella cheesecake you’ve ever seen. So saddle in and browse these creative and yummy Nutella desserts!

1) Nutella Berry Crepes: Let’s kick of this list with a classic! Nutella, fresh berries crepes are a match made in heaven! Seriously, just look these beautiful crepes Jo Cismaru from Jo Cooks has created for us!

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - Nutella Berry Crepes |

2) Nutella cupcakes: What would a Nutella dessert list be without at least one cupcake recipe? The talented Lindsay from Live, Love and Sugar has come up with these beautiful Nutella cupcakes! Love!

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - Nutella Cupcakes |

3) Nutella Cake: Who wants a slice of this cake? Um, us please! Natasha of The Cake Merchant has created the most extravagant Nutella cake. Take a look!

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - Nutella Cake |

4) Nutella Mug Cake: And here is a mug version for those of us who won’t skip on the yumminess of Nutella cake but prefer a small portion! The amazing dessert was created by the wonderful Julie of Table for Two.

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - Nutella Mug Cake |

5) Nutella Croissant: Leave it to Hayley from Domestic Rebel to create the best strawberry and Nutella croissants! These are buttery, flaky and heavily filled with our favourite chocolate-nut spread.

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - Nutella Croissant |

6) Nutella Dessert Pizza: We can’t stop obsessing over the amazing dessert pizza Gemma Stafford of Bigger, Bolder Baking has created! Delicious brioche dough is thickly layered with Nutella, bananas, marshmallows and caramel sauce!

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - Nutella Dessert Pizza |

7)  Nutella Cinnamon RollsThe wonderful Ali from Gimme Some Oven has prepared delicious Nutella cinnamon rolls. Just look at this beautiful chocolate drizzle! The past part? You can make them in just one hour!

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - Nutella Cinnamon Rolls |

8) No Bake Nutella Bites: These are no bake Nutella bites from Nicko of Nicko’s Kitchen are the perfect snack if your blood sugar level is going low!

9) 3 Ingredient Nutella Brownies: Kirbie from Kirbie’s Cravings uses only three ingredients to make these soft and rich Nutella brownies. So simple, so good!

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - 3 Ingredient Nutella Brownies |

10) Nutella CheesecakeOur dear friend Amy from has created the ultimate Nutella cheesecake: An Oreo crust layered with silky-soft Nutella cheesecake filling and topped with Nutella ganache! And did we mention this is a no-bake recipe?

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - No Bake Nutella Cheesecake|

11) Nutella Brownie Cups: Fluffy Nutella mousse meets fudgy brownies – and we’re in love! Rachel from Kawaii Sweet World has created these super cute Nutella Cup Brownies. Don’t they look adorable?

12) Nutella bread pudding: Get a spoon and dig into this Nutella bread pudding! Kimberly of A Night Owl came up with this Nutella dessert, which is made of croissants, heavy cream and, you guessed it, Nutella!

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - Nutella Bread Pudding |

13) Nutella Macarons: We love Nick from The Scran Line for his over-the-top cupcake creations, but did you know he also bakes the fanciest macarons? Take a look at his nutty, chewy Nutella macarons!

14) Nutella Banana Ice Cream: Nicole from the Cooking for Keeps has whipped up a 3 ingredient banana Nutella ice cream! Doesn’t this look like the best year-round summer treat ever?

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - Banana Nutella Ice Cream |

15) Nutella Fudge Pops: Ever think there’s not enough ice cream in your life? We know the feeling which is why we also include these dreamy Nutella Fudge Pops from Katie of Chocolate Covered Katie.

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - Nutella Fudge Pops |

16) Nutella Truffles: Our friends from the Treat Factory have created these melt-in-the-mouth Nutella truffles! It can’t get better than this!

17) Nutella Stuffed Beignets: Every time the name of a dessert begins with the words “Nutella” and “stuffed” we’re on full alert to find deliciousness. All the credit for these lovely Nutella beignets goes to Vedika from Hot Chocolate Hits.

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - Nutella Beignets |

18) Soft Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies: Can you believe the deliciousness? Lindsey from American Heritage Cooking has baked these beautiful soft Nutella chocolate chips cookies. They’re chewy and super yummy. Check it out!

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - Soft Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies |

19) 3 Ingredient Nutella Cookies: Because we couldn’t possibly have enough cookies, we have one more recipe from our wonderful friend Lainey of Simply Bakings! Just look how amazing her Nutella cookies are, plus she uses only some pie crust, Nutella and sugar to make them!

20) The lovely Julie from The Little Kitchen pours us these pretty Nutella milkshakes. 😍 Love on first sight, uhm, sip!

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - Nutella Milkshake |

21) Nutella Hot Coffee: And while we’re on the topic of Nutella and drinks, check out this droolworthy Nutella hot coffee from Teena Agnel of  Feed Your Temptations! Coffee, Nutella and mini marshmallows, enough said.

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - Nutella Hot Coffee |

22) Nutella Trifle: Being Brits, no list of sweet treats would be complete without trifle!  And Glory of Glorious Treats has created just the perfect Nutella banana trifle. A sweet tooth’s dream!

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts -Banana Nutella Trifle |

23) Nutella Pull-Apart Bread: Tatyana from Tatyana’s Everyday Food took a very creative approach to Nutella bakes and came up with a delicious Nutella pull-apart bread. It’s stuffed with cinnamon, pecans and loads of Nutella!

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - Nutella Pull-Apart Bread |

24) Nutella Waffle Cake: What’s better than chocolate waffles? A crazy Nutella chocolate waffle cake! Elise Strachan from My Cupcake Addiction took it on her to create this masterpiece.

25) Nutella & Strawberry Sandwich: Diana Johnson from Eating Richly has made a delicious Nutella and strawberry sandwich! Sweet Nutella, ripe strawberries and toasted pound cake make up for the perfect Sunday brunch!

25 Incredible Nutella Desserts - Nutella Strawberry Sandwich |

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