Use our free printable and craft a cake gift box with a see-through window! #giftgiving #giftbox |

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Cake Gift Box with a Window

Making the see a see-through window is optional. You can use the regular lid instead.

Prep Time: 20 min


  • card stock or photo paper
  • self-adhesive paper
  • glue stick
  • cellophane
  • tape
  • printable cake gift box (print it out below)


  • colour printer
  • crafting scissors
  • metal ruler
  • self-healing cutting mat
  • blade knife


1) Print the box

Print the treat box on DIN A4 or US Letter size cardstock or photo paper. Read our tips for printing perfect printables to achieve the best results.


2) Cut out the pieces

Cut out the pieces along the grey lines and fold the flaps inwards. Crease each fold down firmly. Once you’re done, you should have two sides with flaps, two without flaps, one bottom piece and the lid. We also printed our decorative pattern on self-adhesive paper and applied it to the back of the back of the various elements.


3) Make the lid

To make a see-through window, place the lid on a cutting mat and remove the white piece in the middle with a blade knife. Using tape, attach a piece of cellophane to the back of the lid and glue the side flaps together.


4) Assemble the box

Apply glue to all the flaps that say “Glue”. Attach the side to the bottom piece and then glue the sides together, making sure the top edges meet evenly. Run your fingers down each seam a couple of times so the glue adheres firmly. Finally, adhere the lid and fill your box with cakes and treats.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Materials: cardstock

Tip for transporting cakes

It’s a good idea to place cakes on a cake board or cupcakes and petit fours in cupcakes liners (cases) before putting them in the box, so the moisture of the cake doesn’t soften the box.

Our free printable cake gift box with a see-through window is perfect for cakes, cupcakes, cookies petit fours and other sweet treats! #giftgiving #giftbox |

Use the printable as a template

If you prefer another pattern, use our cake gift box as a template. Simply cut out the different parts of the bag and arrange them on the back of the paper or cardboard you wish to use. Trace the pieces with a pencil and continue as described.

Free Printable Recipe & Label

Click on the button to download your free mini eBook. Included are the recipe for homemade strawberry jam and a free printable printable label.

Want to learn how to create perfect printables? Read our tips to get the best results!

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