Add a festive look to your Holiday bakes with DIY star sprinkles! In this video, you’ll learn how to make sprinkles with royal icing and flower (gum) paste. We also cover different techniques how you can add glitter and sparkle finishes to your homemade sprinkles. Use these DIY star sprinkles on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and desserts or create custom sprinkle mixes perfect for gift giving! We chose a white, cream, yellow and gold palette, but of course you can change the colours to your liking and create sprinkles in any shade.

Quick and sweet! Watch how we create sprinkles with flower (gum) paste and royal icing, and apply different metallic finishes!

DIY star sprinkles with metallic effects - cake decorating tutorial |
DIY star sprinkles with metallic effects - cake decorating tutorial |

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DIY star sprinkles with metallic effects - cake decorating tutorial |
DIY star sprinkles with metallic effects - cake decorating tutorial |
DIY star sprinkles with metallic effects - cake decorating tutorial |

How to make DIY Star Sprinkles

Instead of white, gold and yellow, you can also make sprinkles in white, silver and blue or in pearl and cream tones.


  • royal icing made from scratch or mix
  • flower (gum) paste
  • white fat or shortening
  • gel paste food colouring in yellow and brown
  • edible gold spray (e.g. PME Gold Edible Lustre Spray, Wilton Colour Mist Spray Gold, Chefmaster Edible Gold Spray)
  • gold lustre dust (e.g. SugarFlair Radiant Gold or Gold Sparkle or Super Gold Luster Dust, Confections Food-Grade Gold Luster Dust, Wilton Gold Pearl Dust)
  • gold glitter, see note below (e.g. Rainbow Dust Jewel Dark Glitter or Gold Hologram Glitter)
  • vodka or lemon extract
  • small jars for storing and gift giving
  • printable labels (download below)



  • small round piping tubes (tips/nozzles) #1, #2, #3 or #4
  • disposable piping (pastry) bags
  • silicone mat
  • small rolling pin
  • star plunger cutters in different sizes
  • small star cookie cutters
  • small brush with a soft, round tip
  • small glass
  • wax (grease-proof) paper to cover the work surface when spray-painting


1) Piped sprinkles

To make piped sprinkles, prepare a portion of royal icing according to the below recipe or use a royal icing mix. Tint the royal icing in your desired colours. We coloured ours in different shades of cream yellow and caramel and also left some white. Transfer the icing into disposable piping (pastry) bags fitted with small round tubes (tips/nozzles). The smaller the tube is the finer the sprinkles will be. Line a baking tray with wax (grease-proof paper) and tape the corners to the tray. Pipe lines and dots on the paper and let dry for at least six hours or overnight. Break the royal icing sticks into smaller bits.


Royal Icing Recipe

You need: 1 fresh egg white or 30 g (2 tbsp) pasteurised egg white 200 g  (1 1/2 cups) powdered (icing/

confectioners’) sugar, cling film (plastic wrap)


You do: Sift the powdered (icing/confectioners’) sugar into a large bowl to remove any lumps. Add the egg white to a mixing bowl and mix for 20 seconds on low speed to break the egg white. Start beating the egg white on high speed and gradually add the powdered sugar. Beat the mixture on high speed for 5 to 8 minutes until glossy, white peaks form. Immediately, transfer the royal icing into an airtight container and cover the surface with cling film (plastic wrap).


2) Cut-out sprinkles

To make cut-out sprinkles, tint the flower (gum) paste in different shades of yellow and light brown.

Knead a small amount of shortening into the paste to make it soft and pliable and roll it out to a thickness of 3 mm (1/8 in). Using plunger cutters and small cookie cutters, cut of stars in different sizes and allow to dry for 3 to 4 hours.


Difficulty: Easy

Materials: flower paste, gum paste

DIY star sprinkles with metallic effects - cake decorating tutorial |

Put a twist on the classic

When it comes to adding shine and sparkle to the sprinkles, you have different options. Glitter and shimmer finishes will come out differently depending on the base colour of the sprinkle you apply it. A light brown or brown base will create a deep gold finish, while gold applied on yellow base will result in bright gold tones. Play with various types of gold effects on different base colours to see which ones you like the most.

1) Spray Paint

Lay out the star sprinkles on a surface covered with wax (greaseproof) paper. Give the tin (can) a good shake and start spraying from a distance of approximately 30 cm (12 in).  It’s best to apply several light coats for an even finish.


2) Lustre Paint

Mix lustre dust with a small amount of vodka or lemon extract to create a thick paint. Brush the luster evenly on the sprinkles using a soft, round brush. The alcohol will evaporate completely, leaving behind only the lustre. You may have to brush on several coats of luster to achieve an even finish.


3) Glitter Finish

Light brush the star sprinkles with water and sprinkle on a thick layer of glitter. Tap of the excess glitter and save it for later use.



While some glitters that are fully edible, others are nontoxic or and suitable for food contact only, which means they should not be consumed. Please use the later only on decorations that can be removed before eating.

DIY star sprinkles with metallic effects - cake decorating tutorial |

DIY Star Sprinkles Mix

Creating custom sprinkle mixes is a great way to make one-of-a-kind cake decorations and a wonderful gift idea for avid cake decorators. For our mix, we combined the DIY star sprinkles with colour-coordinated sprinkles from the store.

DIY star sprinkles with metallic effects - cake decorating tutorial |
DIY star sprinkles with metallic effects - cake decorating tutorial |

Free Printable Label & Gift Tag

Click on the button to download your free printable label and gift tags for the DIY star sprinkles.

Want to learn how to create perfect printables? Read our tips to get the best results!

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