What would perennial borders be without exuberant clusters of dahlias? These beautiful flowers bloom from mid-summer to the first frost, bringing bursts of colour to the garden, even when other summer flowers are fading. This makes them ideal for autumnal arrangements and decorations, and also inspired us to create the Darling Dahlia pattern.
Introducing: The Darling Dahlia Pattern | countryhillcottage.com

About this pattern

Dahlias come in a rainbow of colours, ranging from delicate pastels and bright yellow shades to rich purple and red tones. We kept things simple and elegant for our Darling Dahlia pattern and chose a subtle palette of warm scarlet, soft greens and light beige. The flowers are all hand-drawn and were carefully arranged to create an intricate, yet light pattern. The supplementary pattern is composed of white stripes on a fern green backdrop. The colours reflect the earthly shades of September, which to us is a month of transition. The still, warm days let us reminisce about summer’s adventures, while the first yellow leaf hints at the coming of autumn.
Introducing: The Darling Dahlia Pattern | countryhillcottage.com

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Let’s celebrate September with our Darling Dahlia pattern and discover creative DIY projects, which we’ll be putting out within the next weeks.


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