British Prints and Patterns

Our patterns and designs are at the heart of Country Hill Cottage. The prints are inspired by the English countryside, the British heritage and cottage life and range from abundant and bright florals to playful novelty designs. Each print is based on hand-drawn illustrations and features flowers from the cottage garden, the English countryside, British animals and wildlife, or our favourite treats and sweets. We hope our prints bring joy and colour into your life and home.

The designing process

All of our designs start with an original paper drawing by our cottage girl Cyna. She either creates the drawings in our studio or outside when we’re travelling through Britain. The drawing is then scanned into the computer, and the different elements are carefully arranged into a pattern. The next step is developing a colour palette based on the illustration and choosing a background colour that complements the pattern. We believe it’s the little imperfections of the hand-drawn that make our patterns unique and create CHC’s signature look.

Join us on a sunny stroll through Queen Mary’s Rose Garden, one of our favourite sights in London, and watch Cyna create the drawings for our Mary’s Rose Garden print.

I love to draw and studied illustration and graphic design to nurture my passion. I create my drawings mostly with colour pencils and often take inspiration from everyday life and the things I love, a trip to the countryside, a walk through the garden, or a scrumptious treat.”


As a florist, I’m very passionate about our floral patterns and work closely with my sister to choose blooms and plants for our seasonal designs. Our prints also inspire me to create flower arrangements, and I love to incorporate elements from the designs in my centrepieces and bouquets.”


Every pattern tells a story

We love to explore the many sights of England and the rich British heritage and incorporate our findings in CHC’s prints. The county flower of Devon, for example, is the namesake of our Devon Primrose pattern and the White Rose of York inspired our Winter Rose print. Sometimes, our patterns are populated by British animals and wildlife, like the common blue in our Belton Butterfly design or the little robin from our Winter in the Woods print. We also include food and patisserie, as in our Lovely Layer Cakes print, or British landmarks, like the letterbox in our Sent with a Kiss print.

Throughout the seasons

Our patterns reflect the changing seasons, paying tribute to the beauty of spring, summer, autumn and winter. We also develop print for various occasions and holidays throughout the year, such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas.


Please send us an inquiry if would like to contact Country Hill Cottage about the possibility of working together and licensing our designs or commissioning a project.

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