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See how to make the best DIY exfoliating face scrub at home! The homemade face exfoliator is good for dry, oily, sensitive, mature anti aging, acne, blackheads, pores, normal and combination skin. The facial cleanser product exfoliates gently and is made with mineral-rich bamboo powder and optionally aloe vera. This easy all natural skincare recipe is free of harsh exfoliants like sugar, salt, coconut oil, essential oils, baking soda and coffee grounds. #facescrub |

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Learn how to make an exfoliating DIY cleansing balm with jojoba beads! This vegan facial scrub is a four-in-one treatment: the non-comedogenic oils are a make up remover and natural skincare moisturizer, kaolin clay draws out impurities and cleanses, and the jojoba beads exfoliate your face. This gentle face polish recipe and non-abrasive homemade exfoliator is suitable for dry skin, oily skin, and acne. #cleansingbalm #facescrub #facialscrub #facepolish #jojobabeads |

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This natural DIY rose cleansing balm is a lovely way to pamper yourself at the end of the day. It pairs the aroma of fresh roses with a rich, silky consistency that will melt away even the most long-wearing makeup. Infused with the soft, floral fragrance of rose petals, it will help you relax as it melts away your makeup. A subtle petal pink colour makes this cleansing balm a delight for all senses! #cleansingbalm #skincare #beautyrecipe #greenbeauty #essentialoils|

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Suitable for all skin types, DIY vanilla cleansing bars provide a gentle cleansing experience without being harsh or drying on the skin. The all-natural cleansing bars remove makeup and the grime of the day while releasing a rich and relaxing vanilla aroma. The cleansing bars are a quick-to-make alternative to soap and a great addition for natural, homemade skin care. #vanilla #cleansingbar #cleanser #beautyrecipe #naturalskincare #skincare #beautyDIY|

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