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This easy Philadelphia cream cheese pumpkin dip comes together literally in minutes and uses simple ingredients. Serve it up as a quick no-bake fall dessert or crowd-pleaser for Halloween and Thanksgiving! Philadelphia Pumpkin Dip This pumpkin cream cheese dip is an absolute sweet treat and so easy to whip up. It’s packed with your yum …

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Mayo garlic bread is so good and so easy to make in just 20 minutes! French bread is slathered with mayonnaise, garlic, butter, and parmesan cheese, then baked. Mayonnaise creates a creamy, rich garlic spread that makes every bite irresistible. It ensures that the center of the bread is soft and tender, while the crust bakes up golden-brown and crispy. Cheesy garlic bread with mayo is such a crowd pleaser and perfect for any occasion. A great side dish or appetizer! |

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English muffin garlic bread is simple to make with loads of garlic and cheese. This easy garlic bread recipe is so gooey and garlicy and goes well as a snack, appetizer, and side for many dishes. Perfect when you need a cheesy bread fix! The recipe is a great way to use up leftover English muffins and turn them into something absolutely delicious and super quick to put together. It’s great to dip in soups and stews and tastes yummy served alongside pasta dishes. |

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Microwave buffalo chicken dip is the perfect appetizer for any event! The spicy dip recipe is made with shredded chicken, hot sauce, ranch dressing, and cheese. It’s quick and easy to make, ready to serve in 20 minutes, and a game day favorite. The dip recipe uses easy-to-find ingredients and requires hardly any hands-on time. Just put everything into a serving dish and let your microwave do the work. A crowd pleaser, great for any gathering, party, and game day. |

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