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See how to make resin rings! This easy step-by-step tutorial shows the best silicone resin ring molds and different techniques and inspo ideas for how to style flower epoxy resin rings, wedding rings, trendy clear rings, colorful chunky rings, wedding bands, and men’s resin rings. Making your own homemade jewelry is an incredible craft to express your creativity and artistic abilities and DIY resin rings are wonderful handmade gifts for your friends and family. |

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Beautify your home with pretty pink flower wallpaper! Flower wallpapers can be tough to sort through, so we’re sharing 13 pink floral wallpapers that will make any space feel beautiful and feminine. Included are prints with blooms like large roses, lovely peonies, trendy hibiscus, tulips, Sakura, and amazing lotus in all shades of pink from pastel, rose gold, to cute baby pink. The aesthetic ranges from vintage and retro to modern, simple and minimalist. |

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Rose truffles are extremely easy to make, and taste creamy, rich, and outrageously delicious! You barely need more than white chocolate, freeze-dried raspberries (or strawberries), and rosewater to whip up these tempting treats. The white chocolate rose truffles are small, rich, and full of a lovely rose aroma – just the way homemade chocolate truffles should be. They are the perfect sweet treat for spring, summer, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day. |

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Bring springtime splendor into your home with a beautiful hyacinth arrangement! Hyacinths are gorgeous and fragrant spring flowers. In this flower arranging tutorial, you’ll learn how to make and care for a DIY hyacinth bouquet. The post includes tips for different color combinations with blue, purple, violet, pink, yellow, and red, and pairing with other spring blooms like tulips, daffodils, sunflowers, or peony. A great floral arrangement for weddings or as a gift. |

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This Valentine’s Day word scramble is a fun activity to keep the kids entertained. The free printable features Valentine themed words and a cute watercolor design. The post also includes a Valentines word scramble for adults and an answer key. Scrambled word games are a great way to learn Valentine’s Day related words. If you are a teacher, minister, or youth group leader, you’re welcome to share the printables with your students for classroom valentine’s parties.|

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See how to make a beautiful heart of roses! A DIY rose heart is deceivingly easy to make with just a bunch of fresh roses and floral foam. It’s a sweet and simple decoration and gift idea for Valentine’s Day, weddings, proposals, decorating, and other romantic occasions. The easy flower arranging tutorial walks you through the whole process step-by-step and includes tips and tricks on choosing and arranging the flowers. You’ll be so pleased with the results! |

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See how to make DIY resin ornaments with silicone molds! The easy tutorial shows how to cast beautiful epoxy resin snowflakes and elegant resin Christmas ornaments. Included are different design techniques, tips for the best ornament molds, and ideas to display your creations. Includes a poured Christmas tree, 3D glitter ice crystals, and bells with reindeers. Comes I’m with tips and tricks to help you cast resin like a pro, from mixing the resin to de-molding. |

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