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Relieve a dry, itchy scalp with this calming DIY scalp serum. Made with rosemary, chamomile, sage extract, and other calming ingredients, the natural scalp remedy soothes itchiness and provides hydration to alleviate dryness. The leave-in itchy scalp treatment is a great overnight product and can be used after washing. The light formula is great for all hair types, including oily and curly. Also includes a recipe for scalp serum for dandruff and tips on how to use it. |

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See how to make an easy DIY leave in conditioner spray! The homemade conditioner spray smooths and protects your hair, giving your locks a sleek, soft touch. The lightweight formula conditions and moisturizes hair, making dry, brittle strands smooth and shiny. This homemade hair product is enriched with moisturizing aloe vera and essential oils and comes together in minutes. The conditioning spray is suitable for all hair types, including curly hair and natural hair. |

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Hydrate thirsty hair with this DIY moisturizing hair spray. The lightweight hair moisturizer is formulated with glycerin, silk protein, and other natural ingredients that revive dry hair and provide shine and softness to brittle strands. This hydrating hair mist is suitable for all hair types, and the moisture spray includes tips for curly and high porosity hair.

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