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Valentine’s Day Word Scramble Printable

This Valentine’s Day word scramble is a fun activity and will keep the kids entertained on cupid’s day. The free printable features Valentine themed words and a cute watercolor design. The post also includes a Valentines word scramble for adults and older children and an answer key.

printable valentines day word scramble

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Valentines word scramble

Scrambled word games are lots of fun and a great way to learn Valentine’s Day related words. We played these games with our nieces and little nephew and laughed so much. Especially because Aunty Cyna was last to solve her own word puzzle. Anyway.

I’ve created 2 versions for this free printable word scramble, one for kids and one for adults. Both valentine word games feature romantic phrases and are adorned with cute watercolor illustrations.

The kid’s version is intended for younger children. It consists of short words that are relatively easy to guess. Children are probably familiar with most of the terms. But if they find a new word, use the opportunity to discuss its meaning and how it relates to St. Valentine’s Day.

The other valentine word scramble game presents longer, more challenging words, which is a fun game for older kids, teenagers, and adults.

free printable valentines day word scramble

What’s included in this valentine scramble word game?

  • #1 Valentine’s word scramble for kids: This set includes 15 easy Valentine’s Day words that younger children (5 to 10) can easily solve. All words are between 3 to 7 letters.
  • #2 Valentine’s Day word scramble for adults and older kids: This printable is a bit more advanced. It features harder-to-guess words and is best suited for adults and teens.
  • #3 Answer keys: I also created word scramble answer keys to unlock the games. But don’t spoil the fun and try to solve the scrambled words on your own!

How to play this valentine day word game

Not sure how to play the game? Allow me to explain how to play this Valentines themed word scramble. It’s very easy!

  • First, download the word scramble worksheet and print out as many copies as you need.
  • Next, equip all participants with pencils. It’s also a good idea to have an eraser ready in case of mistakes.
  • To start the printable game, unscramble the words and enter the letters into the boxes next to each scrambled word.
  • Then write the letters from the gray boxes into the section below to reveal a hidden message. Enjoy!

Without further ado, let’s get to the goodies! But first, be sure to read my tips on opening and printing the free Valentine’s Day word scramble for the best results.

valentines day word scramble

How to open the valentine word scrambles

Please note: when you click the download butte, the flies will automatically download to your device and NOT open in a separate tab. You can find in your downloads folder.

For the best printing result, make sure you open the PDF file with Adobe Reader.

In case Adobe Reader isn’t installed on your device, download and install the program here – it’s free. Tip: Be sure to uncheck any optional offers (McAfee, Chrome extension) as you most likely won’t need them.

If you already have Adobe Reader installed but can’t open the free printable word scramble, your version is probably outdated. Simple download and re-install to update it. Easy.

Printing tips

Locate the valentines word scramble in your downloads and open. It’ll automatically open in Adobe Reader.

Click the printer icon in the tool menu bar. You can also find the printing option under FILE > PRINT.

In the printer dialog box, click the following options:

  • Click PROPERTIES and choose to print at the best quality. You can find this option under ADDITIONAL FEATURES.
  • PAGE SIZE & HANDLING: Select the option FIT.

Click PRINT and enjoy.

Valentines word scramble

Kids: Printable Valentine’s Day Word Scramble

Tap the download link below to download the files to your device.

Adults: Valentines Word Scramble

Click the button to download the advanced version!

Valentine Word Scramble Answers

Tap to download the answer key and unscramble valentine words!


What paper size do I need?

The Valentines word scramble fits on both letter-size and A4 paper formats. Regular printer paper is fine, but you can also use slightly thicker paper if preferred. If printing at your local print shop, they can advise on the best paper choice as well.

Can I print them in grayscale?

Absolutely! If you don’t have a color printer, simply print the word list in black-and-white or grayscale.

Who can use these printables?

The printables are intended for non-commercial, personal use only. The word scramble puzzle is a fun family activity and a great addition to a Valentine’s Day party.

If you are a teacher, therapist, minister, or youth group leader, you’re welcome to share these printables with your students for classroom valentine’s parties, too.

To share the printable Valentine’s Day word scramble with a friend, please send them a link to this page. Please do not link directly to the free printables.

We put a lot of time and effort into creating this free printable word scramble and appreciate your understanding. Thank you so much!

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