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How to make the best vegan DIY peppermint sugar scrub with sugar, coconut oil, essential oils and organic ingredients. Homemade candy cane lip scrub recipe is easy a cute homemade Christmas gift. This simple edible natural pink mint sugar scrub without honey for dead skin includes free printable labels for packaging containers. Good benefits for exfoliating, plumping, moisturizing. Also learn how to use and how to apply. #lipscrub #sugrascrub #DIYscrub #homemadescrub |

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Easy DIY strawberry lip scrub with coconut oil is perfect for exfoliating, making dry, chapped lips feel and look smooth and healthy. The quick exfoliating DIY sugar scrub for lips removes dead skin and moisturises your kissers at the same time. This natural beauty recipe is vegan since it’s a DIY lip scrub without honey. The scrub is a cute homemade gift idea and comes with free printable labels. #lipscrub #sugrascrub #DIYscrub #homemadescrub #coconutoil #beautyrecipe |

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