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Neutralise bad smelly feet with a DIY foot deodorant with essential oils. This natural foot deodorant without aluminium is crazy easy to make. Sage and lemongrass essential oils give the deodorant a herbaceous and refreshing scent, making it perfect for ladies and gents alike. You can also spray the deodorant into shoes and sandals to disinfect and freshen up your footwear. #deodorant #skincare #essentialoils #beautyrecipe |

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Perk up tired, dry feet and cracked heels with a nourishing foot balm with essential oils! This homemade foot balm recipe is wonderful DIY treatment to care for your feet and make them healthy, smooth and sandal-ready. The balm is made with nourisihing oils and butters and essential oils and helps to sooth aching feet, soften callouses and treat rough, ragged skin. #footbalm #skincare #essentialoils #beautyrecipe |

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Say bye to rough, cracked feet with an all-natural foot scrub bar! This foot peeling is a real two-in-one treatment to care for dry, callous skin. The solid components of the bar exfoliate the feet and remove dead skins cells, while the oils and butter hydrate and replenish the natural lipids of your skin. This peeling bar is made with loofah sponge, cane sugar, cocoa butter, and bee or candelilla wax. #footpeeling #footscrub #scrubbar #essentialoils #beautyrecipe |

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