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See how to make green tea melt and pour soap! The homemade green tea soap recipe is enriched with green tea extract, matcha powder, and refreshing essential oil blend ideas (with jasmine, lemon, lemongrass) that provide natural fragrance and skin-soothing benefits. DIY match soap bars are simple and easy to make, full of skin-loving antioxidants, and make fantastic handmade gifts. The mold features an intricate design and includes printable for packaging and a video. |

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Want to amp up your anti-aging skincare regime? See how to make a DIY anti-aging toner! Creating a homemade facial toner for aging skin is easy, and everyone can whip up this beginner-friendly skincare formula. The natural facial toner is filled with botanical extracts and moisturizing nutrients that can help to refresh and rejuvenate mature skin. The skin toner recipe is enriched with actives such as edelweiss extract, plant collagen, and helichrysum hydrosol. |

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Revive stressed skin with the best antioxidant-rich DIY green tea toner! See how to make this easy homemade facial toner. Plus, learn the benefits of green tea for skin care and tips for how to use! The face toner is incredibly hydrating and provides relief for red, irritated skin. The simple, natural recipe is made with green tea extract, hydrosol, and matcha. A great asset for all skin types, including oily, sensitive, dry, normal, combination, mature skin and acne! |

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Relieve a dry, itchy scalp with this calming DIY scalp serum. Made with rosemary, chamomile, sage extract, and other calming ingredients, the natural scalp remedy soothes itchiness and provides hydration to alleviate dryness. The leave-in itchy scalp treatment is a great overnight product and can be used after washing. The light formula is great for all hair types, including oily and curly. Also includes a recipe for scalp serum for dandruff and tips on how to use it. |

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See how to make hydrating DIY spray lotion for glowing skin! The homemade spray-on body moisturizer is easy to apply, leaving your skin instantly soft and refreshed. The ultralight formula is non-greasy and made with natural, nourishing ingredients like squalane and essential oils. The body lotion recipe is suitable for all skin types including dry, sensitive skin, kids, and acne. With labels for packaging. Made without Vaseline, glycerin, shea butter or coconut oil. |

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See how to make a non-greasy DIY pumpkin lotion that keeps your skin soft and supple all autumn long. The homemade pumpkin spice lotion has a luxurious, silky texture and is formulated with natural ingredients like shea butter and vegetable glycerin that provide moisturization and nourishment. Essential oils impart a delicious pumpkin spice scent and make the easy lotion recipe a fun addition for fall and winter skincare. Great for dry skin and tips for sensitive skin. |

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See how to make an easy DIY leave in conditioner spray! The homemade conditioner spray smooths and protects your hair, giving your locks a sleek, soft touch. The lightweight formula conditions and moisturizes hair, making dry, brittle strands smooth and shiny. This homemade hair product is enriched with moisturizing aloe vera and essential oils and comes together in minutes. The conditioning spray is suitable for all hair types, including curly hair and natural hair. |

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See how to make beautiful DIY peony soap at home! Pink peony hand soap delivers gentle cleansing paired with a luxurious feel and aromatic fragrances. This easy homemade soap recipe shows how to make an intricate flower soap with a melt and pour soap base and peony infused oil. The step by step tutorial includes video instructions and tips for ingredients, supplies list, tools, equipment, molds, techniques, storage, packaging and gift giving. An easy idea for beginners! |

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See how to make fragrant DIY peony body wash that lathers and is suitable for all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin! This moisturizing homemade luxury body wash recipe uses real peonies and natural ingredients that nourish and soothe the skin. Liquid foaming peony shower gel has a beautiful iridescent shimmer and the best smelling floral scent that indulges the senses. The easy tutorial includes tips for packaging and storage. Made without castile soap. |

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See how to make a natural DIY toner for dry skin! The homemade hydrating face toner is made with aloe vera and cucumber hydrosol. The deep hydrating, pH balanced facial toner recipe has make skincare benefits and is best for dry, normal and combination skin but can be adapted for sensitive, oily, acne prone skin. The soothing formula can be used as a skin tonic or spray and is made without witch hazel, rice water and essential oils. With tips on how to use and packaging |

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Say goodbye to dry, itchy skin with this DIY rose water toner! The rose toner helps to hydrate, smooth, and refine your skin’s appearance. The rose water face mist targets the skin’s moisture level and pH balance with a blend of natural ingredients that can make your complexion look radiant and glowing.

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Hydrate thirsty hair with this DIY moisturizing hair spray. The lightweight hair moisturizer is formulated with glycerin, silk protein, and other natural ingredients that revive dry hair and provide shine and softness to brittle strands. This hydrating hair mist is suitable for all hair types, and the moisture spray includes tips for curly and high porosity hair.

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See how to make the best DIY anti-aging face serum recipe! The facial serum for aging skin fights wrinkles and stimulates collagen. Made with organic argan, vitamin E, antioxidants, ceramide, and essential oils. The homemade face serum is great for healthy anti-aging skincare routine for 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s (night and day). Apply the natural beauty product to face, eyes, neck and body. Many skincare benefits for women and men. With tips for packaging and when to use. |

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See how to make easy natural DIY lavender bath bombs! The simple foaming homemade bath bomb recipe is made with essential oils, organic coconut oil or shea butter (without cornstarch or Epsom salt). You can create variations like rose, lemon, oatmeal or vanilla. The beautiful, Lush in-spired best bath fizzy tutorial is great for kids and to sell. Includes a video, tips for making, ingredi-ents, storage, and how to package (packaging ideas). Suitable for sensitive skin. |

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See how to make your own DIY toner for acne! The best natural homemade face toner for acne prone skin, acne scars, oily skin and combination skin is made without witch hazel, apple cider vinegar. The easy hydrating facial toner gives glowing skin, can shrink pores and lighten dark spots. The homemade eucalyptus tea tree toner can be used as a glow spray, with pads or cotton wipes. The DIY face toner recipe can be made with essential oils for more skincare benefits.|

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