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See how to make no bake chocolate nests with Cadbury eggs. Celebrate Easter with these adorable cornflakes easter nests! The easy dessert recipe is crunchy, chocolatey, perfectly sweet, and brimming with cute mini eggs. Best of all, the recipes require only 5 simple ingredients, 20 minutes prep, and is a fun seasonal treat to make with children. Can also be made with shredded wheat, rice krispies, coconut, white chocolate, milk chocolate, semi-sweet or dark chocolate. |

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Bake easy creamy lemon squares from scratch! These homemade lemon bars with sweetened condensed milk have a luxuriously velvety texture. They are full of bright citrus flavor for the perfectly tangy delicacy. old-fashioned lemon squares recipe. They consist of a classic shortbread base and are baked with a custard-like lemon filling. The recipe comes together with 6 easy ingredients and requires only 20 minutes prep. Variations include graham cracker crust and berries. |

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See how to make the best easy pumpkin pudding recipe! This creamy no bake make ahead dessert idea is a delicious fall treat and tastes like traditional pumpkin pie filling or cheesecake. The homemade pudding looks fancy but is super simple and quick. Made with canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice. A fun mini Thanksgiving dessert for a crowd and kids. With options for healthy sugar free gluten free low carb keto and dairy free vegan. #pumpkin #Thanksgiving #dessert #fall |

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How to make the best easy healthy fruit pizza recipe with a gluten free 3 ingredients oats crust, light coconut yogurt, and fresh fruity mixed berry topping with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. A simple homemade low carb clean eating dessert pizza, under 100 calories per slice. Yummy quick vegan dairy free low calorie no sugar added without cream cheese and sugar cookie. Great for kids, crowds, parties and summer desserts! Cute as individual mini fruit pizzas! |

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