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Lemon Diffuser Blends {13 Lemon Essential Oil Blends}

Lemon diffuser blends will elevate your mood and refresh your indoor spaces, adding a cheerful and sunny flair. Included are 13 lemon essential oil recipes, from invigorating to sweet and candy-like to calm and grounding. A must-have for lemon lovers!

lemon diffuser blends

Lemon essential oil diffuser blends

I love the scent of lemons! And for good reason: their sweet and zesty aroma is a refreshing delight to the sense, and diffusing lemon oil will instantly put a smile on your face.

When it comes to citrus oils, lemon essential oil reigns supreme. Intensely fruity, fresh, and zesty, lemons have a tarty and tangy fragrance that brings a bright, sparkling spirit to any formulation.

My lemon diffuser blends will elevate your mood and refresh your indoor spaces, adding a cheerful and sunny flair. I have created 13 lemon essential oil recipes that showcase how versatile the citrus oil is.

From invigorating to sweet and candy-like to calm and grounding, lemon essential oil can take on many personalities. Below, you’ll find different lemon essential oil blends. We also talk about the benefits of diffusing lemon oil, and you’ll learn the various types of lemon extracts.

We definitely love our diffuser around here! After you try these lemon diffuser blends, be sure to try some of my other favorites, like these rose diffuser blends and eucalyptus diffuser recipes.

lemonade essential oil blend

Benefits of lemon diffuser

  • Uplifting: No matter your mood, I believe everyone can benefit from those sparkling and cheerful lemon notes. The invigorating smell of lemons is incredibly uplifting and spreads cheer and happiness.
  • Calming: Studies found that diffusing lemon essential oil has a calming effect and may potentially alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. (source, source)
  • Improve concentration: Aromatherapy with lemon essential oil can improve cognitive function and help you feel alert and focused. (source, source) Diffusing lemon essential oil can help you concentrate on work and help kids study. 
  • Ease morning sickness: Another study showed that inhaling lemon essential oil reduces symptoms of morning sickness during pregnancy, such as vomiting and nausea. (source)
  • Deodorizing: The refreshing, citrusy scent of lemons is a wonderful air freshener and deodorizer. Lemon vapor can eliminate unpleasant odors and purify the air, keeping your home smelling fresh and clean.
lemon essential oil recipes

Lemon diffuser blends

These 13 lemon diffuser blends are a lively and energetic bunch. They are just the perfect blend to diffuse in the morning when you wake up or need an energy boost throughout the day. I also sprinkled in a few blends inspired by my favorite lemon desserts. Enjoy!

#1 Citrus Fresh Diffuser Blend

First up is a citrus fresh essential oil blend recipe that unites 5 members of the citrus family. The energetic scent is made with lemon, blood orange, lime, grapefruit, and a hint of may chang. This combination is vibrant and bound to boost your mood!

#2 Lemonade Essential Oil Blend

Our second lemon diffuser blend evokes the smell of a tall glass of cool lemonade. The delectable aroma of lemon meets refreshing grapefruit notes, deliciously sweetened with massoia bark.

#3 Lemon Sunshine Diffuser Blend

This sunshine-filled blend takes you on a sunny vacation with its infusion of radiant lemon, fruity tangerine, and delicate base notes of lavender and Peru balsam. It’s the perfect backdrop for summer days!

#4 Lemon Grove Blend

Next, we have a complex lemon scent that harmoniously mixes lemon and bergamot with the woodsy notes of cedarwood and juniper. This combo feels grounding and is perfect for releasing inner tension.

citrus fresh diffuser blend

#5 Fresh Air

Crisp sparkling citrus notes of lemon and mandarin are anchored with a dose of spearmint. This zesty and uplifting lemon oil recipe releases a purifying fragrance, perfect for refreshing and deodorizing your living spaces.

#6 Lemon Drops

Lemony and sweet, this diffuser blend recalls the aroma of delicious lemon drop candy. The energetic citrus scent is balanced with the sweet notes of Peru balsam and massoia bark.

  • 5 drops lemon
  • 3 drops Peru balsam
  • 2 drops massoia bark

#7 Lavender Lemon Diffuser Blend

This lemon diffuser recipe is the perfect marriage of lemon and lavender! Bright with crisp, citrusy aromas, lemon essential oil is set against a backdrop of rich, floral lavender. Patchouli and lavandin lend the scent profile complexity.

#8 Peppermint Lemon Oil Blend

A strong, fresh blend, featuring the minty notes of peppermint and tangy lemon enriched with a touch of lime oil. Both bright and deep, this peppermint lemon essential oil blend is energizing and beautifully vigorous.

lemon diffuser

#9 Rainy Day Diffuser Blend

Need a little pick-me-up on a rainy, gray day? This blend of warm geranium, sunny lemon, ylang ylang, and orange will conjure up the spirit of sunshine and warm summer days in the garden. I love this scent on blustery days when the outside doesn’t meet my sunny expectations.

#10 Lemon Energizer

Filled with the vibrant notes of zesty lemon, rosemary, fresh grapefruit, eucalyptus, and ginger, this blend is filled with dazzling vigor. Diffuse this blend when you need a boost of energy and positivity.

#11 Lemon Meringue Pie

Inspired by a warm lemon meringue pie from out of the oven, this lemon essential oil recipe is infused with citrusy lemon and sweet tonka bean over a warm base of vanillic copaiba, Peru balsam, and cinnamon.

#12 Concentration Aid

This blend brings together the top notes of tangy lemon and warm sandalwood with a dash of black pepper to create an invigorating and stimulating scent. It’s the perfect blend to diffuse while you work or study.

#13 Worry Free

This lemon oil diffuser recipe combines sparkling lemon with marjoram sweet, ylang ylang, and soothing chamomile to create a cheerful ambiance. The blend will make you feel instantly uplifted and filled with positive vibes.

Lemon Diffuser Blends

How to use lemon diffuser blends

  • Ultrasonic diffusers use sonic waves to create a fine mist containing microscopic droplets of water and essential oils. This type is my favorite option to diffuse. To use, fill the water tank, add your lemon oil blend, and choose a diffusion setting.
  • Candle essential oil burners use the warmth of a burning tealight to diffuse the EOs into the air and provide a cozy light flicker. To use, pour water into the bowl, add your lemon blend, and light the tealight below.
  • Room spray: To make lemon room spray or a lemon air freshener mist, dilute your lemon diffuser blend of choice in high-proof alcohol and transfer it into a fine mister spray bottle. Spritz a few pumps into the air for a quick refresh.
  • Diffusion crafts: Another idea is to use these lemon oil diffuser blends to scent wax sachets, reed diffusers, potpourris, wax melts, or aroma beads.
diffuse lemon oil

What scents blend with lemon?

Lemon essential oil is versatile and can be blended with a multitude of other oils. The intense citrus aroma introduces brightness + vigor and adds a fresh feeling to other scent profiles. And when combined with lavender or valerian root, lemon can even contribute to a calming atmosphere.

In this next section, I’ll go over a few essential oils that blend well with lemon, organized be different scent categories. I hope you find this list helpful if you want to create your own lemon diffuser blends.

Other citrus scents

Lemon essential oil pairs perfectly with other members of the citrus family to make truly refreshing and effervescent scents that create an air of optimism.

Other oils within this category are orange, grapefruit, tangerine, mandarin, yuzu, and kumquat essential oil.

Green smells

If you like natural scents with a leafy-green quality, blend lemon with vetiver, oakmoss, galbanum, basil, blue yarrow, armoise, or valerian essential oil. The citrus oil will introduce a sparkling note to these herbaceous tones.


Lemon and heady florals are the perfect combination. The citrus fruits cut through the sweet-smelling flower scents and add a bright, lively note. Try blending lemon with lavender, rose, ylang ylang, geranium, jasmine, neroli, or yarrow.

Woodsy and spicy aromas

Lemon’s vibrancy is fantastic to contrast the warm, comforting aroma of spice oils like cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and ginger. The oil also compliments woody oils like cedarwood, cypress, and pine, boosting the freshness of these scents.

Gourmand scents

Lastly, think of all the delicious lemon desserts! From lemon meringue pie to lemon bars to lemon cookies to lemon glazed pound cakes and lemon curd, lemon is a beloved flavor in baking.

And you can recreate these bakery scents by pairing lemon with vanillic oils such as vanilla, Peru balsam, tonka bean, and benzoin resin.

lemon essential oil diffuser recipes

More DIYs with lemon

The scent of lemons is so crisp and fresh! I have a few more projects and DIYs that star the beloved citrus oil I want you to try. And I know if you love lemon essential oils, you will enjoy those. Give them a try, and let me know which one is your favorite!

lemon essential oil

Types of lemon oil

You might be surprised to learn that there isn’t 1 but 4 different lemon essential oils plus lemon hydrosol. All originate from the lemon tree (Citrus limon).

But the oils can be differentiated by the extraction method (cold-pressed vs. steam-distilled) and the type of plant materials used (lemon peel, lemon leaves, or lemon juice).

Cold-pressed lemon essential oil

  • Facts: Lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from the yellow rind of Citrus limon, the lemon fruit.
  • Composition: Limonene is the main constituent of lemon oil. Other aromatics, such as citral, beta-Pinene, and gamma-Terpinene, contribute to the zesty and tart scent of the overall aroma. Cold-pressed lemon oil contains bergapten, a photosensitizing compound that can lead to irritation and burns if applied to the skin and exposed to the sun. Therefore, cold-pressed citrus peel oils should never be added to skincare formulations.
  • Scent: The oil has a strong, zesty citrus aroma that is refreshing and energizing.
  • Shop: cold-pressed lemon essential oil

Steam-distilled lemon essential oil

  • Facts: Lemon peel is steam-distilled to create this lemon oil.
  • Composition: Steam-distilled lemon oil is bergapten-free and doesn’t have a photosensitizing effect, thereby safe to use in skin care.
  • Scent: The eo smells similar to cold-pressed lemon oil and features a bright, uplifting lemon aroma.
  • Shop: steam distilled lemon essential oil

Lemon essence oil

  • Facts: Lemon essence oil is created from the oil phase of express lemon juice during the juicing process.
  • Composition: The chemical composition is similar to steam distilled lemon essential oil.
  • Scent: The essence oil features the typical intense lemon scent but with a pronounced fruity note that is unique to lemon essence oil.
  • Shop: lemon essence oil

Lemon petitgrain oil (petitgrain citronnier)

  • Facts: Unlike the previous oils, lemon petitgrain isn’t made from the lemon fruit, but steam-distilled from the leaves and twigs of lemon trees. It’s rarer than lemon essential oil.
  • Composition: The active compounds in lemon petitgrain are linalyl acetate, linalool, alpha-terpineol, geranyl acetate, and neryl acetate.
  • Scent: The aroma is reminiscent of lemons with leafy-green notes, albeit gentler and softer than lemon eo.
  • Shop: lemon petitgrain oil

Lemon hydrosol

  • Facts: Lemon hydrosol is a by-product of the steam distillation of lemons.
  • Composition: The hydrosol contains trace amounts of lemon essential oil, but the concertation is extremely low, making it the mildest form of any lemon-scented extract.
  • Scent: Lemon water has a lemony, slightly spicy smell, but does not retain the strong citrus notes of lemon essential oil.
  • Shop: lemon hydrosol

Which lemon oil is best for diffusing?

Cold-pressed, steam-distilled, and lemon essence oil are excellent choices for these lemon diffuser blends and can be used interchangeably.

Cold-pressed lemon oil is the most economical choice and produces a robust, citrusy lemon scent. Lemon essence oil is perfect if you enjoy a fruity, tantalizing lemon scent.

Lemon petitgrain is an exciting variation of the typical lemon scent with green, slightly bitter notes. And lemon hydrosol is ideal for those who prefer a light lemon scent or can’t diffuse essential oils.


Is lemon essential oil safe for pets?

Lemon essential oil is safe for pets as far as diffusing is concerned, but the oil should never be topically applied or ingested.

The oil’s high potency can irritate your pet’s skin when applied to their fur. You also want to make sure that the oil is out of reach so they can’t accidentally ingest some.

When diffusing around pets, let your diffuser run only for short periods. I also recommend leaving a door open so they can go if they don’t like the scent.

Some bloggers state that lemon essential oil is toxic for cats, and even diffusing should be avoided, without providing any sources. And I have yet to see medical studies to back up these claims.

If you diffuse responsibly and monitor your pet’s reaction, your pet will be fine and safe. Alternatively, diffuse lemon hydrosol.

Does lemon essential oil repel bugs?

Yes, spiders and many bugs dislike the smell of citrus fruits, including lemon. They will avoid areas where the scent is prevalent. Still, oils such as citronella, lemongrass, and lemon eucalyptus are more effective in repelling bugs than these lemon diffuser blends.

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