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Free Printable Mandala Coloring Pages For Adults

These free printable mandala coloring pages are a great way to be creative and relax. The coloring mandalas include 10 compositions that you can print at home for instant coloring fun. The printable coloring sheets come with tips for printing and painting mandalas.

flower mandala coloring pages

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What is a mandala?

I’m so excited to share a new collection of beautiful printable mandala coloring pages with you. But first things first. What is a mandala, and what are the benefits of mandalas?

A mandala is a geometric pattern of repeating elements radiating from the center. Mandalas can be found across different cultures throughout history.

The word “mandala” means “sacred circle” or “center” in Sanskrit. Mandalas are spiritual symbols in Asian cultures, which represent the universe in Buddhism and Hinduism. They have long been used for meditation and prayer in Japan, China, and Tibet.

The celts and native Americans also created mandalas, such as knotwork, Celtic spirals, dream catchers, and sand paintings. Some Christian symbols are associated with mandalas as well.

free printable mandala coloring pages

Benefits of painting mandalas

I love mandalas’ reflective and mediative aspect: grab some markers, enjoy the beautiful illustrations, and free your mind. It’s such a relaxing journey through lines, shapes, and intricate patterns. Coloring bliss! I hope you’ll find much joy in coloring these mandalas.

Coloring mandalas is said to have the following benefits:

  • Creativity: cultivate creativity and artistic expression
  • Relaxation: relax the mind and body
  • Wellbeing: foster feelings of balance, calmness, and tranquility
  • Positivity: ease stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and worries
  • Concentration: help with focus and attention
  • Mindfulness: promote a sense of connectedness and being in the moment
  • Perception: stimulate pattern recognition
  • Fun

Mandala coloring pages for adults

This digital mandala coloring book includes 10 different designs, including flower mandala coloring pages and spirals. The free coloring pages are aimed at adults and teenagers. Try these simple mandala coloring pages for kids. The simpler designs are more suitable for young ages.

Here’s what you’ll get:

printable mandala coloring sheets

The file format is PDF. Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free software, is the best app to open and print PDFs. Suppose Adobe Reader is already installed but you can’t open the coloring page. In that case, you need to update by downloading and installing the PDF reader.

Coloring supplies

Here are some tips to help you gather the materials to paint a free printable mandala:

What is the best paper for print coloring pages?

110lb cardstock, sketch paper, and drawing paper are good options to print the template. Regular printer paper is a bit flimsy but will still work.

What colors are used for mandalas?

You can color these adult coloring pages with various media, including colored pencils, markers, ink, color pens, and gel pens. I like these colorful alcohol markers and this set of color pencils.


Decorations like 3-D puff paint, glitter, nail polish, self-adhesive gems, and rhinestones are a fun way to embellish your mandala design and add pizzaz after you finished your free printable coloring page.

printable mandala coloring pages

How to color printable mandala coloring pages

The great thing about printable coloring pages is that you can print out the design as many times as you like. So have fun and experiment with different techniques, media, and color schemes – you can always start over with a new page.

When it comes to coloring, there’s no right or wrong. So don’t overthink the process. Relax and enjoy yourself while coloring.

Step1: Download and print

How do you print mandalas? You can download the coloring mandala at the end of the post. It’s a direct download. After clicking the button, the files will be downloaded to your device automatically.

Locate the free coloring sheets on your device and open the files.

Print the mandala coloring sheets at 100% (actual size). The printables fit on letter-size and A4 paper.

Step 2: Select colors

Choosing good colors for your free printable is hard — so many options. There are 2 ways you can go about coloring your drawing: create a color scheme or select colors as you go.

Establishing a color scheme allows you to see if your colors of choice work together and develop a theme.

It’s best to limit your selection to just a few colors. Mandalas will look better when using a few thought-out colors, not a whole rainbow of random colors.

Try these steps to choose a color scheme for a beautiful mandala:

  • Take a piece of scrap paper and put down your first color, for example, your favorite color or the color you’re sure to include.
  • Add more colors and see how they look next to each other.
  • Test more color schemes until you’re satisfied with your selection.
  • You can choose contrasting colors for a distinctive aesthetic or multiple shades of the same color for a monochromatic effect.

Of course, you can also start with just one color and add other colors as you paint the page. This freestyle approach is a lot of fun. It encourages you to explore your creativity and find color combinations you may not have initially thought of.

Step 3: Start in the center

Start coloring your mandala coloring page from the center and progress outwards. Centering the mandala allows you to create a balanced and symmetrical composition.

Step 4: Create a repeating pattern

Pay attention to the mandala structure and use the same colors for any repeating elements in the design. I find this step the most relaxing: you fill in the shapes and see your mandala grow like a beautiful flower blooming.

Optionally, create tonal gradients to give your mandala pattern more depth and dimension.

Step 5: Add decorations (optional)

After you finished coloring, use specialty pens (e.g., glitter gel markers) to highlight geometric shapes of your design. You can also decorate the coloring sheet with rhinestones, nail polish, glitter, sequins, and other craft materials.

Step 6: Fixate

The last step is to fixate the mandala to protect the artwork from sunlight and rubbing off color. Spray your coloring pages with a thin mist of pencil fixative spray. You only need to fixate pencil drawings. Markers and alcohol ink will be fine without a fixative spray.

mandala coloring pages pdf

Who can use these free coloring pages?

The adult coloring pages are free for personal, household use. The pages are prohibited for commercial use, meaning you cannot sell them as your own or offer them as a free download on your website.

If you want to share the free coloring pages with a friend, please send them a link to this blog post.

You’re allowed to utilize the printable mandala coloring pages for the following purposes:

  • Educational: If you’re a teacher, you may hand the printable coloring sheets and this mandala painting tutorial to your students. My husband is a teacher, too, so I know that buying classroom supplies adds up quickly. I hope you’ll find these coloring pages helpful.
  • Therapeutical: Mandalas are said to have a relaxing effect, so feel free to share the sheets as therapeutic mandala coloring pages with your patients/charges if you’re a therapist, doctor, health caregiver, or social worker. Thank you so much for your work!
  • Charitable + ministerial: You can also use these free printables for charitable events or in a ministry/Sunday school.

Thank you for understanding!

mandala coloring pages for adults

More free coloring pages

If you enjoy these art sheets, you may also like some of my other free coloring pages:

Mandala Coloring Pages Pdf

Tab the button below to download your mandala pdf download!

mandalas coloring pages

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