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Free Printable Rose Coloring Pages {10 Realistic Designs for Adults}

Download free printable rose coloring pages! The set features 10 different rose coloring pages for adults and teens. Included are also tips for printing, a supplies list, and a quick step by step tutorial on how to draw realistic roses.

rose coloring pages for adults

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Free rose coloring pages for adults and teens

If you spent any time on our blog, you’ll know that Irena and I LOVE roses. We’ve shared countless rose inspired beauty recipes and tutorials for giant paper roses and delicate crepe paper roses.

Roses are one of my favorite subjects to draw because they are most beautiful and it’s so satisfying to create your own floral drawings.  And now’s time for printable rose coloring pages!

Printable coloring sheets make creating wall art a breeze and are a great activity to relax and be creative. I’ll share my best tips and techniques to color beautiful roses.

I designed the flower coloring pages for adults, teenagers, and older kids. The designs are probably too advanced for young children (instead, let them have fun with these simple mandala pages).

You can download the files at the end of the post if you want to get started right away.

free rose coloring sheets

What’s included in this set of realistic rose coloring pages

This digital coloring book features 10 black and white illustrations of roses, waiting for you to paint with color. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 6 pages with single detailed half-open roses and roses in full bloom
  • 1 coloring sheet of a rose stem with a flower and a rose bud
  • 3 pages with rose arrangements and a rose bouquet

Supplies for printable rose flower coloring pages

Before we start drawing, we need to print the flower coloring page and gather our supplies. I’ve put together a list of coloring materials to help you get started.


You can print the rose coloring pages PDF on any paper that runs safely through the printer.

Heavy watercolor and drawing paper are most likely too thick to print on.

rose coloring pages


The printable rose coloring pages can be colored with a wide variety of media. Here’re some ideas:

  • Markers are super easy to use and create beautifully colored pages. I love these alcohol brush markers. The Crayola marker set, this pen set and these dual brush pens are more affordable options.
  • Colored pencils offer rich colors and are very versatile. Polychromos and Prismacolors are my favorites because the colors are vibrant and blendable. Try this set for a more affordable alternative.
  • Gel pens come in many styles and allow you to add interesting effects to your coloring project. This set has a huge selection, including metallics, pastels, and glitter pens.
  • Pens are perfect for adding extra details on areas that were already colored with marker. This bundle of colored pens includes 18 different colors.
  • Pencils are great if you want to draw black and white roses. I recommend this collection, which has pencil of different hardness.

Other supplies

Depending on the media, you may also need some of the following:

How to color a realistic rose

Lastly, I want to show you how to paint a realistic rose with color pencils. Of course, you can color your rose printables in any way you like. Your rose drawing doesn’t have to be realistic at all to be a beautiful piece of art. But if you’re interested how I colored the rose you see on the photo, try these steps:

Step 1: Getting started

It helps to look at the photo of a rose for reference. Here’s the one of a rose bush I used:

pink rose

Looking at the picture you can see that the inner rose petals are dark while the outer rose petals are light. The contrast between light and darker areas makes the rose appear three-dimensional, and we are going to recreate this effect.

Select the colors you want to use for your rose. Pick different hues from the same color so you’ll be able to create smooth transitions. Pink is a lovely rose color. I used different shades of pink, ranging from light to dark, plus white for highlighting.

step by step instructions for how to draw a rose

Step 2: Add shadows

Since the outline is already created, we only need to shade the petals. I like to go from dark to light and start with the darkest shade.

Add the dark pink color to all the areas that are closest to the flower center and the bottom of the petals. Here’s the process in photos of the rose coloring page:

Step 3: Create highlights

Next, pick the lightest color and shade the areas where the light bounces of the petals. Cover the brightest spots only lightly with color and light the paper shine through. We’ll go over these with a white pencil. Again, here’s a process shot:

Step 4: Blending

Now fill in the shadows and highlights of each rose petal with medium pinks. At this point, press the pencil harder to rub the pigment into the paper and create smooth transitions.

You can use a Q-tip or stump to blend the colors together. Use a knead rubber or eraser to lift colors off of areas that might have darkened too much.

Use a white penicil to go over the highlights and blend them smooth.

Optionally, deepen the shadows with the darkest color to add more dimension to your beautiful flower.

Step 5: Fixate

And now we have a beautiful rose! Spray your roses coloring page with a sealant to protect it from smudging, UV rays, and moisture. I hope you enjoyed this quick rose drawing tutorial and the painting you created.

cute rose coloring pages

How to download and access the files

Please note that this is an instant download. After clicking the button, the files will be downloaded to your device immediately. You can find them in the designated download area on your device, e.g. the downloads folder.

The file format is PDF. Most devices have a program to open, read, and print PDF files. If you can’t open the printable coloring pages, install Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Reader is a free program that allows you to access PDF documents.

If Adobe Reader is already installed on your device but you can’t open the rose coloring pages, you most likely need to update the software. To do this, simply download and install it. The new install will overwrite and update the old version.

realistic rose coloring pages

Printing tips for cute rose coloring pages

For the best results, follow these instructions:

  • After downloading, locate the coloring sheets on your device and open.
  • Click the printer icon or chose “Print” from the file command. The printer dialogue box should pop up.
  • Select to print black and white and at the highest quality. I also always click to print at 100%, but you can choose a different size if you prefer a larger or smaller rose motive.
  • The free rose coloring page fits on letter size and A4 paper.

If you want to print the coloring sheets at a copy/print shop, bring this printing permission with you. Either print the document or have it ready on your cell/mobile phone. Some shops want to charge a “licensing fee”.  I have no control over that and won’t receive any commissions from them.

Please not that the coloring pages are intended for personal, non-commercial use only. Thank you for understanding!

More free printable coloring pages

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Printable Rose Coloring Pages

Tab the button to download the printable free rose coloring pages!

rose flower coloring pages

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