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DIY speckled egg bath bombs make cute homemade Easter gifts for family, friends, neighbours, and teachers. The bath bomb recipe is easy to prepare, made with natural ingredients and can be customised with different fragrance or essential oils. Added to a warm bath, these Easter egg-shaped bath bombs create a fantastic fizz and the scent is wonderfully relaxing. Perfect for a fun and bubbly bath time! #bathbomb #speckledegg #Easteregg #essentialoils #beautygift #DIYgift |

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Refresh your skin with a DIY exfoliating soap with Himalayan salt! Suitable for hands and body, the salt crystals provide gentle exfoliation & cleansing, while the added vitamin E oil nourishes & moisturises the skin. These handcrafted soap bars are made with a melt-and-pour soap base so you can have them ready in no time. The soap are great gifts for Mother’s Day, spring birthdays or beauty lovers all year round. #meltandpoursoap #diysoap #exfoliatingsoap #soapmaking |

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This homemade cold process soap recipe is perfect for cold weather. Formulated with natural ingredients and a blend of minty essential oils, this soap recipe not only nourishes dry skin, but is also perfect for seasonal handmade holiday gifts. A blend of natural, seasonally inspired wintergreen and peppermint essential oils help to invigorate the senses for the perfect morning pick me up. #soap #coldprocesssoap #skincare #essentialoils |

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