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See how to make easy DIY pumpkin spice latte bubble scoops that make lots of foam! The natural homemade solid bubble bars recipe is made with essential oils, milk powder, cocoa butter or shea butter and an ice cream scoop. Tutorial with step-by-step instructions, packaging ideas and foaming bath truffles without SLSA. A cute wedding favor, or bridal shower thank you or Christmas gift. Easier than bath bombs! #bubblescoop #bathtruffle #bathbomb #bubblebar #essentialoils |

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See how to make DIY rose petal bath bombs! This all natural bath bomb recipe is made with dried rose petals, coconut oil and essential oils. The tutorial also shows how to form homemade bath bombs with a measuring cup and includes tips for bath bomb storage and shelf life. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate …

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See how to make your own best relaxing bath bombs with Epsom salt! The easy fizzy relaxation Epsom salt bath bombs recipe is made with all natural ingredients and essential oils. The simple tutorial shows tips for aromatherapy bath bomb making, and also includes ideas for bath bomb scents and tips for bath bomb storage. Great for kids, men, sleep, anxiety, skincare, spa day, wellness, sensitive skin and eczema, without cornstarch. #bathbombs #aromatherapy #essentialoils |

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See how to make moisturizing vegan DIY rose body wash recipe without castile soap that lathers an is best smelling! The easy liquid homemade shower gel is a mild cleanser great for eczema, acne, dry and sensitive skin. This pH-balanced rose water body wash foams beautifully, has a rich lather and lush gel texture. The tutorial shows how to make good foaming all natural body wash with organic coconut oil, glycerin and essential oils plus tips for bottles and packaging. |

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This homemade citrus soap recipe has an uplifting scent, rich lather and many skin care benefits. Natural DIY lemon soap bars are made with goat milk, shea butter or glycerin melt and pour base and essential oils – ideal for soap making for beginners! The handmade tutorial shows how to make melt and pour soap, gives different citrus essential oil blends for soap, tips for molds, packaging ideas and more recipes inspiration. Cute hand soap teacher gift! #soap #soapmaking |

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How to make natural sea salt soap hand and body bars! An easy DIY sea salt soap recipe with pink Himalayan sea salt, moisturizing shea butter, essential oils and goats milk or glycerin base. The homemade melt and pour soap is an easy soap making tutorial for beginners and has benefits for acne, eczema, and dry skin. Great for men, kids and gifts. With tips for swirls molds, how to store, packaging ideas and more recipes inspiration. #soap #saltbar #saltsoap #soapmaking |

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This 5-minute easy activated charcoal bath will have you glowing and relaxed! See how to make a DIY floral bath soak recipe packed with natural ingredients and essential oils. A black salt bath is excellent for relaxation and stress relief, detox and to soothe sore muscles. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no …

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This easy homemade eucalyptus bath bombs recipe looks pretty in water and is very relaxing, perfect for at home wellness! Pretty fizzy essential oil bath bombs without cornstarch are beneficial to relieve respiratory problems, sinus congestion and headaches, and to soothe sore muscles and joints. See how to make simple natural aromatherapy bath bombs with eucalyptus, learn about packaging and storage tips and other essential oil scents ideas like lavender, lemon or peppermint. Great for kids and men. #bathbombs #eucalyptus #aromatherapy #essentialoils |

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See how to make pretty DIY peppermint bath salts with Alaea red Hawaiian salt and with essential oils. Red and white candy cane bath salts are perfect to relax in the tub and make an excellent holiday gift. This homemade Christmas bath salt recipe comes with packaging ideas and free printable labels for packaging and gifting. The all-natural bath soak with peppermint essential oil is a great handmade holiday present. #bathsalt #bathsalts #essentialoils #bathsoak #gift |

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Learn how to make DIY peppermint bubble scoops for Christmas! Made with essential oils, citric acid, baking soda, moisturizing coconut oil and an ice cream scoop, these DIY bath truffles soften the skin and create long-lasting bubbles. This solid bubble bar recipe is easier to make than bath bombs and a great homemade holiday bath spa gifts. Tutorial with step-by-step instructions and packaging ideas. #bubblescoop #bathtruffle #bathbomb #bubblebar #essentialoils #gift |

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See how to make DIY peppermint bath bombs with essential oils! You learn how to make an easy homemade candy cane essential oil blend and tricks to paint the bath fizzies with mica for pretty bath fizzies! This easy Christmas bath bomb recipe looks and smells very festive and is an excellent handmade bath gift idea for the holiday season. Great for kids. With storage tips, packaging ideas and printable gift tags. #peppermint #bathbombs #Christmas #gift #essentialoils |

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See how to make the best moisturizing soap for sensitive, mature, eczema and dry skin in just 10 minutes! This easy natural DIY melt and pour soap recipe with essential oils is simple for beginners and very hydrating. The pretty homemade hand soap bar is a quick handmade Christmas present and beauty gift idea that every skincare lover will appreciate. Can be made with goat milk or shea butter soap base. #soap #meltandpour #essentialoils #holidays #giftidea #soaprecipe |

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Learn how to make moisturizing snowflake bath bombs with essential oils! This easy cute DIY bath bomb recipe is perfect to hydrate dry winter skin and great for kids. The instructions include a step-by step tutorial for a silicone mould, scent ideas and free printable gift tags for packaging. The beautiful blue winter bath fizzies are a luxurious bath time treat and a lovely handmade gift idea for Christmas and the holidays. #bathbombs #Christmas #Holidays #gift #DIY |

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DIY Hawaiian black lava bath salts are a treat for all senses and relieve stress and tension! See how to make aromatherapy bath salt that contains minerals and antioxidants to cleanse and detox the skin. The homemade bath soak recipe is made of activated charcoal infused sea salt, dried flowers and essential oils. The easy tutorial is great for sore muscles, detox and relaxation. Includes free printable gift labels for packaging. #bathsalt #bathsalts #essentialoils |

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See how to make a moisturizing DIY pumpkin spice soap! This easy homemade soap recipe is a melt and pour soap with essential oils and vitamin E. The natural soap can be made with a goat’s milk or a shea butter soap base if vegan. This handmade fall soap is scented like pumpkin spice latte, a great handmade gift for autumn and Christmas. The simple tutorial includes free printable for packaging. #soap #meltandpour #essentialoils #pumpkinspice #fallsoap #soaprecipe #fall |

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See how to make natural DIY pumpkin spice bath salt with essential oils, magnesium flakes & calendula! This easy and relaxing homemade fall bath salts recipe smells like pumpkin spice and is ready in 5 minutes. This calming herbal magnesium bath salt has many skincare benefits and are great for sore muscles, detox, relaxation and stress relief. Includes packaging & container ideas + free printable gift labels for decoration. #bathsalt #bathsalts #essentialoils #seasalt |

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Learn how to make 3 simple natural DIY bath bomb recipes without cornstarch! Pretty pumpkin spice bath bombs have a lovely scent & create cozy fall vibes while you relax in the tub. These easy homemade bath bombs with essential oils are very fizzy and made with moisturizing ingredients that hydrate your skin while you enjoy the aromatherapy benefits. Perfect for kids & a great holiday gift idea for Halloween & Christmas. #bathbombs #aromatherapy #fall #essentialoils |

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