Today, we show how to create a sparkly winter fairy garden with cute evergreen mini shrubs and lots of snowy DIY decorations. This arrangement will bring a wintery flair to your home and makes a wonderful, long-lasting Holiday gift! You can download the instructions and printable ornaments we used as decoration at our blog, which we link to in the info box.

Deck the halls! Watch the video tutorial below and get festive with our sparkly winter fairy garden!

Sparkly Winter Fairy Garden Flower Arranging Tutorial |

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Sparkly Winter Fairy Garden Flower Arranging Tutorial |

Sparkly Winter Fairy Garden

We love that this arrangement is made with living, easy to care plants and stays fresh for a long time.

Prep Time: 30 min


  • flower pot (Ø approx. 30 cm / 12 in)
  • potting soil, ideally specifically for conifers
  • 3 dwarf conifers or other mini shrubs, such as dwarf pine, spruce and cypress.
  • white acrylic paint
  • artificial snow or granulated sugar
  • cones of different sizes
  • Styrofoam balls
  • skewers
  • craft glue
  • Christmas ornaments
  • printable star ornaments (download below)


  • craft brush
  • small shovel
  • garden mitts
  • cover to protect the work surface


1) Make the decorations

To make sparkly snowballs, insert a skewer into the centre of a Styrofoam ball. Using a flat brush, coat the ball with white acrylic paint and cover it in artificial snow while the paint is still wet. With the same technique, also decorate cones in different sizes and small tree branches. Allow the decorations to dry completely, for about an hour.


2) Plant the shrubs

Fill a waterproof flower pot or container half way with fresh potting soil and bring the soil up on the sides. Depending on the size of your pot, place three to four mini shrubs in the pot.  After removing the shrubs from the plastic covering, soften their base a little with your hands. You can find these mini shrubs or dwarf tree at your local florist, in garden centres or tree nurseries. Add additional soil until 1 centimetre or half an inch below the rim of the pot. Ideally, use potting soil specifically for conifers.


3) Let it snow

Brush egg white on the shrubs and sprinkle the arrangement generously with artificial snow but leave a spot bare on the back of the arrangement for watering. The egg white helps the snow to stick but doesn’t harm the plants in any way and can be easily washed off.


4) Decorate

To make the arrangement look extra festive, decorate with the snowballs, iced cones, Christmas ornaments and printables.

Difficulty: easy

Materials: dwarf conifers, pine cones, Styrofoam, artificial snow, acrylic paint

Sparkly Winter Fairy Garden Flower Arranging Tutorial |

Care tips

Since this is a living arrangement, it can last for a long time. It’s best to keep the shrubs in a cooler place but never below the freezing point. Water them once a week or more or less depending on how wet or dry the soil is. You can repot the plants, and some might be suitable for growing outside.

Sparkly Winter Fairy Garden Flower Arranging Tutorial |
Sparkly Winter Fairy Garden Flower Arranging Tutorial |
Learn to create a sparkly winter fairy garden with cute evergreen mini shrubs and snowy DIY decorations. This plant arrangement makes a lovely holiday gift! #flowerarranging #Christmas |

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