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Easy baked burrata recipe combines gooey cheese with mouthwatering oven roasted tomatoes. Warm burrata is an effortless appetizer. Serve homemade baked burrata cheese as a starter for an elegant dinner or any time you need an impressive and easy appetizer. It makes a great party app served with crostini, toast, crusty bread, breadsticks, crackers, or vegetable sticks. You can make variations with pesto or balsamic vinegar reduction or turn the dish into bruschetta. |

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This easy homemade garlic cheese spread is a soft, creamy dip blended with garlic and herbs. It’s the perfect cheese appetizer to serve with crostini, crusty bread, crackers, and vegetables. Garlic cream cheese is absolutely irresistible, and you’ll want to eat it on repeat. This creamy garlic spread recipe is super simple and only takes a few minutes to make. Make it for a party or dip on throughout the week. Just 5 ingredients and 10 minutes prep time. |

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See how to transform a humble camembert wheel into the best honey baked camembert. Sweet and savory, this camembert cheese recipe is filled with warm, gooey cheese rippled with rivers of warm honey and crunchy pecans. Made with just 5 ingredients and ready in 20 minutes, this appetizer is as simple as it is delicious. The easy cheese recipe Can be made with other toppings like cranberries, walnuts, figs or pesto and is great for spaghetti pasta or a Christmas platter. |

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See how to make simple garlic bread with hamburger buns from scratch. This super easy recipe for homemade hamburger garlic bread makes buttery garlic bread in 20 minutes. Perfectly crispy and toasted, brioche garlic bread is a tasty appetizer and easy side for pasta dishes, a hot bowl of soup, or to dip into sauce. The garlic butter spread is made with just 3 ingredients. Includes variations for cheesy garlic bread, air fryer, French bread, hot dog buns, Hawaiian rolls. |

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Homemade California chicken salad is an easy lunch salad recipe loaded with tender chicken, juicy grapes, poppy seeds, and crunchy pecans. Sonoma chicken salad recipe is a colorful mixture of textures and flavors tossed together with a sweet and creamy Greek yogurt dressing instead of mayonnaise instead of a lighter salad. Perfect for a quick, on-the-go lunch and meal prep. You can serve the salad over lettuce, make lettuce wraps, or whip up a chicken salad sandwich. |

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Juicy, flavorful, and simple, tender meatball nirvana is cozy comfort food at its best, perfect for family dinner and quick midweek meals. This easy oven-baked meatball recipe is ready in 30 minutes and will leave you craving more. Made with lean ground beef, Worcestershire sauce and no eggs, these simple homemade meatballs are delicious with tomato sauce and spaghetti or other pasta. Or enjoy as meatball subs, as an appetizer, or over rice and roasted veggies. |

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A winter favorite, arugula citrus salad with a quick grapefruit vinaigrette is a simple, refreshing side dish. The orange grapefruit salad is complete with citrus fruits, arugula, creamy goat cheese and pink pepper for big flavor. Fresh, tangy, sweet and zesty. This citrus salad is bursting with citrus fruits in every bite! You can create variations with beet, fennel, avocado, chicken, quinoa, cranberry, burrata, spinach, salmon, shrimp, honey, mint, strawberry or kale. |

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This ruby chocolate ganache is a creamy indulgence and takes classic ganache to a new level! Ruby ganache has a naturally pink color, sweet, fruity taste, and decadently rich texture. It’s perfect to glaze, frost, and fill cakes, cupcakes, and other treats. Ruby ganache has a creamy texture and rich chocolate flavor that are indulgent and decadent in the best way. Pink chocolate might be a splurge, the recipe requires only 2 ingredients and comes together in minutes. |

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Rose truffles are extremely easy to make, and taste creamy, rich, and outrageously delicious! You barely need more than white chocolate, freeze-dried raspberries (or strawberries), and rosewater to whip up these tempting treats. The white chocolate rose truffles are small, rich, and full of a lovely rose aroma – just the way homemade chocolate truffles should be. They are the perfect sweet treat for spring, summer, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day. |

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This delicious healthy spinach caprese salad is a colorful array of sun-ripened tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, tender baby spinach, fragrant basil, and a homemade balsamic glaze. The easy fresh Italian salad recipe is excellent for light lunch, summer appetizer, or a quick dinner side salad. It’s a quick 20-minute salad recipe. Can also be made with arugula, pesto, grilled chicken, watermelon, avocado, beet, white bean, peaches, quinoa, strawberries, or cucumber. |

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See how to make the best meatballs alfredo! Tender meatballs with alfredo sauce are creamy, flavorful, and perfect for a family dinner that comes together in under 1 hour and just one pot. Serve with hot pasta for a satisfying and comforting meal. Since meatball alfredo pasta reheats well, you can prep the meal a few days in advance, too. Includes variations for meatball subs, pasta bake, and Italian-inspired alfredo meatballs with ground turkey and ground chicken. |

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This easy Tuscan chicken mac and cheese is hearty comfort food that your whole family will love! The simple stovetop mac and cheese recipe is loaded with roasted chicken, aromatic sundried tomatoes, and baby spinach, tossed in a luxuriously silky cheese sauce. Best? The dish comes together on the stove top in one pot and is ready in under 1 hour. You can serve this mac and cheese dinner idea on a casual weeknight or Saturday feast with friends alike.|

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See how to make the best cheesy garlic bread without butter! This simple homemade olive oil garlic bread consists of toasty bread loaded with parmesan and lots of garlic. The recipe is ready in 10 minutes and will score major points with everybody who loves homemade garlic bread! The from scratch olive oil garlic bread works with French bread, baguette, Italian bread, ciabatta, regular bread, and even toast. Includes a variation with garlic powder and a vegan option. |

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