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How to make easy Christmas sugar scrub recipes with essential oils and coconut oil. Simple homemade holiday body scrubs are great DIY gifts and perfect mason car craft ideas. Included are natural exfoliating scrubs for cinnamon gingerbread brown sugar, hot chocolate, candy cane peppermint, orange spice, pomegranate, frosted plum and vanilla cookie. With tips for storage, how to use, benefits, packaging ideas and free printable labels. #sugarscrub #Christmasgift #scrub |

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See how to make a simple healing lip balm recipe to care for chapped, peeling lips! This homemade natural lip balm for dry lips with organic coconut oil, hydrating castor oil and hemp seed oil is ready in minutes. This easy DIY lip balm without beeswax is a great moisturizing lip balm for winter and tinted with shimmer mica. The step-by-step tutorial includes cute labels for packaging containers. #skincare #vegan #lipbalm #beautydiy #essentialoils #coconutoil #winter |

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See how to make easy homemade lavender lip balm recipe for soften dry lips! Lavender infused coconut oil, hydrating shea butter, and essential oils make the simple natural DIY lip balm moisturizing. You can customize the lip balm with essential oils, such as peppermint, vanilla, or lemon. Includes tips for lip balm without beeswax with soy wax, packaging and printable labels. Cute inexpensive handmade gift for holidays and Christmas. #lipbalm #lavender #esssentialoils |

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How to make cherry-scented summer sugar scrub cubes with natural ingredients. The individually sized DIY sugar scrub recipes come with unique scents cherry soda and cherry cola, essential oils that smell like summer. Each sugar cube is made with coconut oil, melt and pour soap base, shea butter and granulated sugar. These single use exfoliating body polishing cubes are great for silky summer legs and handmade gift ideas. #sugarscrub #essentialoils #scrubcubes #bodyscrub |

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DIY elderflower salve is a true treat for the skin! The nourishing herbal salve is deeply moisturizing and can help to ease many skin issues. The homemade slave recipe is made with natural, skin-loving ingredients and has a lovely floral scent. The easy skin care recipe shows how to make a healing salve without beeswax. …

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See how to make easy, non greasy DIY rose body lotion with essential oils, vitamin E and natural ingredients. The simple homemade pumpable rose water lotion recipe without beeswax, coconut oil, or shea butter is suitable for firming, dry skin, eczema and sensitive skin. The moisturizing rose lotion recipe is suitable for all skin types. With tips for rose body butter, packaging in pump dispenser bottles, storage and the best shelf life. #roselotion #bodylotion #skincare|

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See how to make the best easy DIY body scrub recipe at home with essential oils for glowing skin! Included are 6 simple natural ideas for lavender, rose, lemon, vanilla, lime peppermint/mint and coffee brown body scrub. Exfoliating body scrub made with coconut oil and vitamin E. Comes with tips for how to use, packaging ideas, storage, shelf life and free printable labels. Great for shaving legs, foot, hands and lips. Quick DIY gift idea! #sugarscrub #bodyscrub #gift |

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How to make easy homemade sea salt scrub for glowing skin, hands, body, foot! The best natural exfoliating DIY salt scrub recipe is made with organic moisturizing coconut oil and lemon lime essential oils has many skin care benefits and can be made with Epsom, pink Himalayan or dead sea salt. With tips for vs sugar scrub, how to store and use body scrub, packaging ideas and printable labels. Make your own Lush Ocean Salts beauty products at home. #bodyscrub #saltscrub |

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How to make the best vegan DIY peppermint sugar scrub with sugar, coconut oil, essential oils and organic ingredients. Homemade candy cane lip scrub recipe is easy a cute homemade Christmas gift. This simple edible natural pink mint sugar scrub without honey for dead skin includes free printable labels for packaging containers. Good benefits for exfoliating, plumping, moisturizing. Also learn how to use and how to apply. #lipscrub #sugrascrub #DIYscrub #homemadescrub |

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See how to make peppermint lip balm! This easy DIY lip balm recipe is very moisturizing and perfect to soothe dry, cracked lips during the winter months. This lip balm without beeswax is also vegan and plant-based, so everyone can enjoy it. You’ll also get free printable lip balm labels and learn an easy trick …

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Learn how to make candy cane sugar scrub and peppermint body butter! This DIY whipped sugar scrub and homemade whipped body butter recipe are naturally fragranced with essential oils and will keep your skin smooth and moisturized throughout the holiday season. Decorated with free printable labels, the easy body scrub and body butter are also …

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Learn 6 DIY blue clay mask recipes for glowing skin! These hydrating blue face mask ideas are gentle and a wonderful at-home skin care treatment for dry skin. A homemade hydrating face mask with blue clay is easy to make. Only 5 minutes prep is needed to make a DIY face mask, and this simple all-natural beauty recipe is cleansing, hydrating, exfoliating and rejuvenating. Suitable for all skin types, from sensitive to acne-prone. #blueclay #claymask #blueclaymask #clay |

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Learn how to make an exfoliating DIY cleansing balm with jojoba beads! This vegan facial scrub is a four-in-one treatment: the non-comedogenic oils are a make up remover and natural skincare moisturizer, kaolin clay draws out impurities and cleanses, and the jojoba beads exfoliate your face. This gentle face polish recipe and non-abrasive homemade exfoliator is suitable for dry skin, oily skin, and acne. #cleansingbalm #facescrub #facialscrub #facepolish #jojobabeads |

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See how to make the best DIY body lotion for dry skin in winter with cornflowers and chamomile! This lightweight DIY body lotion is very moisturizing and made with natural materials, without synthetic fragrances and skin-softeners. The moisturizer feels velvety and is perfect to keep your skin soft and supple all winter long. Plus, you …

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DIY hydrating eye cream for sensitive skin is perfect for the skin around the eyes, antiaging and wrinkles. Learn how to make homemade eye cream with natural materials. The ingredients in this lightweight moisturizing recipe include birch sap, nourishing oils and vitamin E. Has a light brightening effect, reduces puffiness and also a great overnight treatment. Suitable for teens, men, 20s, 40s, 50s. Comes with free printable labels for packaging. #eyecream #skincare |

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Learn how to make DIY pumpkin spice sugar scrub with organic honey! Made with essential oils & cinnamon, this easy natural brown sugar scrub recipe is perfect for autumn skincare and glowing, smooth skin. The simple homemade body scrub is great for hands, legs, lips, and can be used for kids and sensitive or dry skin. The exfoliating scrub looks cute in jars with free printable labels as Christmas gift! #sugarscrub #essentialoils #bodyscrub #pumpkinspice #skincare #fall |

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This natural DIY rose cleansing balm is a lovely way to pamper yourself at the end of the day. It pairs the aroma of fresh roses with a rich, silky consistency that will melt away even the most long-wearing makeup. Infused with the soft, floral fragrance of rose petals, it will help you relax as it melts away your makeup. A subtle petal pink colour makes this cleansing balm a delight for all senses! #cleansingbalm #skincare #beautyrecipe #greenbeauty #essentialoils|

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Suitable for all skin types, DIY vanilla cleansing bars provide a gentle cleansing experience without being harsh or drying on the skin. The all-natural cleansing bars remove makeup and the grime of the day while releasing a rich and relaxing vanilla aroma. The cleansing bars are a quick-to-make alternative to soap and a great addition for natural, homemade skin care. #vanilla #cleansingbar #cleanser #beautyrecipe #naturalskincare #skincare #beautyDIY|

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Our homemade hand scrub exfoliates dull skin and is made with oats, sugar, Manuka honey, wheat germ oil and essential oils. This gentle DIY exfoliant also moisturises the skin, chapped cuticles and nails. The scrub is suitable for all skin types and can be used to exfoliate other parts of the body, such as the neck and arms. The scrub also doubles as a revitalising hand mask and makes a great DIY beauty gift. #handscrub #scrub #essentialoils #skincare |

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Neutralise bad smelly feet with a DIY foot deodorant with essential oils. This natural foot deodorant without aluminium is crazy easy to make. Sage and lemongrass essential oils give the deodorant a herbaceous and refreshing scent, making it perfect for ladies and gents alike. You can also spray the deodorant into shoes and sandals to disinfect and freshen up your footwear. #deodorant #skincare #essentialoils #beautyrecipe |

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