Let’s craft a DIY gift bag, perfect for packaging a present in style. Gift bags can be easily made ahead and are a pretty, last-minute gift wrapping solution. Stuffed with treats and tissue paper, a gift bag is great for many occasions and a sweet way to say “Happy Birthday” or “Thank you”. We’ll be using our printable Summer in Sussex gift bag, which you can download for free at the end of this post.

Making a DIY gift bag isn’t difficult at all, watch our video tutorial to see the step-by-step instructions!

Learn how to craft a DIY gift bag and use our free printable to make it! #giftgiving #crafts | countryhillcottage.com

About this pattern: Summer in Sussex

Sussex is a rural, sun-kissed county in the English south east. Picturesque farms and villages are scattered in the rolling countryside, ranging from the coastal plain, to the hills of the South Downs and the well-wooded Sussex Weald. Our Summer in Sussex pattern draws inspiration from the  lush hillside and the lovely Sussex gardens. The design captures the beauty of a summer stroll among the flower-filled estates of Great Dixter, Arundel Castle, Nymans Garden and Sheffield Park.

Our DIY gift bag looks extra cute with a free printable gift tag! #giftgiving #crafts | countryhillcottage.com

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DIY Gift Bag Tutorial

We’re working with double-sided tape and cardboard to make the bag sturdy.


  • double-sided tape
  • tape
  • glue stick
  • cord
  • 16  cm x 16 cm (6 1/3 in x 6 1/3 in) cardboard
  • printable gift bag (2 sides with flaps, 2 without flaps, 1 bottom)
  • printable gift tag
  • burgundy tissue paper (optional)
  • pink curling ribbon for the gift tag (optional)


  • crafting scissors
  • hole punch


1) Print the bag: Print the gift bag on DIN A4 or US Letter size cardstock or photo paper.


2) Cut out the pieces: Cut out the pieces along the grey lines and fold the flaps. Once you’re done, you should have two sides with flaps, two without flaps, one bottom piece and the gift tag. We also printed our decorative pattern on self-adhesive paper and applied it to the back of the gift tag.


3) Reinforce the bag: To make the bag sturdier, reinforce the bottom by glueing on a piece of heavy cardboard that has the same size as the bottom. Additionally, fold back 2 cm (1 in) along the top edge of the two sides with flaps. Crease and glue in place with double-sided tape.


4) Apply glue: Attach double-sided tape on all the flaps that say “Glue”.


5) Assemble the bag: To assemble the bag, remove the backing of the tape of the bottom flaps and attach the sides. Strengthen with additional tape. Glue the sides together and make sure the top edges meet evenly. Run your fingers down each seam a couple of times so the tape adheres firmly. Glue on the remaining two top edges.


6) Add the handles: Using a hole puncher, punch two holes on two opposite sides. A single hole puncher works best for this. Thread a piece of cord through the holes. Adjust the length of the cord as needed and tie a knot.


7) Make a gusset: To make pleated sides, pinch the front and back of the bag together and crease in the sides.


8) Fill the bag: Now our bag is ready to be filled with gifts and treats! Use tissue paper for an extra pretty presentation. To do this, carefully place two sheets of tissue paper inside the bag and fluff the layers to your liking. Tie on the gift tag and you’re all set!

Difficulty: Intermediate

Materials: card stock, tissue paper

Learn how to craft a DIY gift bag and use our free printable to make it! #giftgiving #crafts | countryhillcottage.com

Use the printable as a template

If you prefer another pattern, use our gift bag as a template. Simply cut out the different parts of the bag and arrange them on the back of the paper or cardboard you wish to use. Trace the pieces with a pencil and continue as described.

Our DIY gift bag looks extra cute with a free printable gift tag! #giftgiving #crafts | countryhillcottage.com

Tips for transporting heavy items

While the bag is relatively sturdy, you should support the bottom of the bag with one hand if you transport heavy items.

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Free DIY Gifft Bag Printable

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