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See how to make an easy cute DIY self care package ideas for your best friend or family member. Homemade care packages are perfect for birthday, Valentines day, college, women, new mom, teacher, teens, wellness, to say thank you or cheer up a long distance friend. Included are tips for beauty products, packaging, decorating and mailing, and free printable greeting cards and tags to decorate the gift basket. #selfcare #carepackage #gift #giftbasket #wellness #printables |

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How to make easy DIY hand sanitizer wipes! The homemade antibacterial wipes recipe is made with natural organic ingredients (vodka, aloe vera, essential oils) and reusable wipes. Use the portable mini disinfectant hand wipes with alcohol for travel or when hand washing isn’t possible. Cute gift or baby shower favor. Disinfecting wipes are good for kids and classroom uses. With printable labels for the dispenser and packaging the container. #handsanitizer #essentialoils |

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Formulated with natural, non-toxic ingredients and infused with essential oils, this natural homemade hand cream moisturises and revitalizes tough, dried out hands. The non-greasy DIY hand lotion absorbs quickly and locks moisture in the skin, making your hands feel silky smooth and healthy. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to …

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Strengthen and moisturise your nails and cuticles with a nourishing DIY cuticle oil with essential oils. This natural nail care recipe is an excellent homemade remedy to soften dry skin and cuticles, to care for cracked, brittle nails and to promote healthy nail growth. Only 5 minutes need to make this easy homemade nail serum, can be used daily. Instructions explain how to use the oil & include printable labels. #nailcare #nails #cleanbeauty #essentialoils #cuticlebalm |

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Whether you need at-home relaxation or want to jazz up bath time, easy fizzy DIY Himalayan salt bath bombs are a true wellness treat. Made with skin-smoothing shea butter and soothing essential oils, the simple homemade moisturizing bath fizzies are the best way to enjoy the balancing effects of a salt bath and benefits of aromatherapy. Lush inspired natural bath bomb recipe (no cornstarch, without corn starch) and natural scents. #bathbomb #aromatherapy #essentialoils |

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DIY foaming bath bombs with shea butter help to relax and promote a good night’s sleep. Calm your mind, relieve stress, and create a spa-worthy bath ritual to unwind. Homemade foaming bath bombs add fizz and bubbles to the water and turn bath time into a fun excitement for kids and adults. Shea butter leaves the skin well nourished and moisturized. Essential oils immerse the senses and relaxes mind and body. #bathbombs #essentialoils #aromatherapy #sheabutter #beautydiy|

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Let your skin glow with a purifying DIY matcha green tea clay mask! This gentle, all-natural matcha clay mask helps to cleanse and detoxify the skin, making you look radiant. Masking is an essential part of your battle against impurities such as acne, blackheads, or large pores. The homemade green tea clay mask is suitable for all skin types, whether you have oily, acne prone skin or sensitive and dry skin. #claymask #matchamask #greenteamask #facialmask #beautyrecipe |

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Tired dry feet, callouses, and cracked, rough heels? Then try these 4 DIY foot care recipes for healthy and soft feet! Each of these homemade foot care treatments is made with natural ingredients and essential oils. Included are a foot bath recipe, foot scrub bar, moisturising foot balm and a DIY foot deodorant. The recipes come with printable instructions and labels. #footcare #beautyrecipe #diybeauty #feet |

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Tired of oily skin, clogged pores, and painful breakouts? Then try these 4 beauty DIYs for clear skin! Preparing your own beauty recipes isn’t difficult and can save you a lot of money. You also have full control over the quality of the materials that your skin absorbs. Included are a deep cleansing mud, an oil cleanser, a floral facial toner, and moisturising balm. Each recipe comes with printable instructions and label. #skincare #beautyrecipe #diybeauty #clearskin |

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