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DIY eggshell candles are cute, easy, and perfect for spring! The homemade scented candles are made with soy wax and naturally fragranced with essential oils. This fun eggshell craft is a cute non-food basket stuffer + Easter decoration, and gift idea. The easy candle making tutorial shows how to make candles in egg shells. Easy Easter craft for adults, great for beginners. Includes plenty of tips for making your own soy candles at home. #candlemaking #soycandles |

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See how to make your own DIY wax air freshener with essential oils, soy wax or beeswax that make your home smell good. Homemade botanical aroma wax sachets are a natural non toxic fragrance home deodorizer and odor eliminator best for closet, drawers, car, bathroom, and fabrics. Includes 15 scented wax sachet recipes with scent blends for floral spring, summer, fall, winter and Christmas and tips for how to use and packaging ideas. Makes cute handmade holiday gifts. |

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See how to make 8 festive DIY essential oil gifts for Christmas! Each homemade holiday gift idea is beginner-friendly and quick to create. Included are simple recipes for Christmas soap, bath bombs, lotion bars, sugar scrub cubes, lip balm and lip scrub, wax melts and tea lights. The essential oil Christmas gifts are affordable and …

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See how to make the best DIY citronella candles with essential oils that repel mosquitos! These non-toxic outdoor candles are a natural bug repellent and ward off mosquitoes and other insects. The homemade citronella candle recipe is a summer patio and party staple to protect you from pesky bug bites! The easy soy candle making tutorial includes tips for mason jars, fragrance scent blends and printable labels for gifts. A great beginner candle making recipe! #candles |

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How to make DIY scented wax sachets with soy wax, essential oils and dried botanicals. Simple homemade natural wax air freshener is a long lasting odor eliminator to fragrance closets, drawers and other small spaces. The recipe makes cute Christmas gifts, decor, wedding favor or souvenir. Includes pink rose fragrance and lavender aroma hexagon scented sachets. With tips for uses, where to put, 6 designs and printable gift tags for packaging. #homefragrance #essentialoils|

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Learn how to make 8 easy essential oil gifts and create a beautiful essential oil gift basket, box or set. Each DIY takes 5 minutes or less for each homemade essential oil recipes! With simple ideas for home made soap, lotion bars, sugar scrub cubes, lip balm, lip scrub, a bath soak, wax melts, air freshener and packaging. Great handmade gifts for friends, teachers, mothers day, kids, Christmas, and holiday. #essentialoils # gift #giftgiving #printablelabels #giftbasket |

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See how to make pretty DIY wax brittle! Homemade scented soy wax bark is an natural recipe to make your house smell amazing and provide relaxation. Learn the best wax melt hacks, different essential oil blends and designs, packaging ideas, tips for reuse, removal from the burner/warmer and storage to make them last longer. This easy cute wax melts recipe is quick craft project and an easy handmade gift idea. #waxbrittle #waxmelts #essentialoils #homefragrance #soywax |

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How to make the best DIY eucalyptus candles in glass mason jar with soy wax and scented with essential oils! The homemade hand poured eucalyptus candle has a natural fragrance and many benefits, improving air quality and promoting relaxation. This handmade aromatherapy candles recipe is a unique decoration and comes with free printable design labels for gift packaging. Includes tips for containers, wicks and more ideas. #diycandle #soycandle #essentialoil #eucalyptus |

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Find out how to make your house smell good naturally with a boiling potpourri. Learn how to make a stovetop air freshener with eucalyptus and lemon and how to deodorizes your entire house. This homemade stove simmer is a DIY air freshener without essential oils is beneficial for the respiratory system and fresh air. Clean smell, great for colds, can be used year round, in spring, summertime, fall and winter. With crockpot instructions storage directions. #airfreshener |

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How to make an easy homemade Christmas stovetop potpourri, perfect for fall and winter. This simple DIY holiday simmering pot recipes is made with orange, cranberry pine, and spices like cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, star anise and optionally essential oils. The house smells like Christmas with this natural air freshener simmer pot. The tutorial includes printable labels and gift tags to create a gift kit. #Christmas #potpourri #airfreshener #stovetoppotpourri #simmerpot |

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Holiday gift guide with 50+ gifts for essential oil lovers! This gift list includes essential oil presents and unique Christmas gifts for every budget and recipients, from your friends to essential oil gifts for women, men and kids. You’ll find essential oil stocking stuffer ideas, diffuser, aromatherapy, essential oil bath and beauty, books. For him, for her, mom, under $15 to $25 #essentialoils #giftguide #gifts #giftideas #holdiaygifts #christmasgifts #forher #forhim |

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See how to make a DIY stovetop potpourri gift! These simmer potpourris make your house smell like Christmas and dry potpourri recipes are wonderful homemade holiday gift ideas. The tutorial for Christmas potpourri in a jar comes with free printable labels and gift tags for packaging and gifting. And I have more good things for …

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This homemade scented wax melts recipe makes the perfect fall craft idea! See how to make easy pretty DIY fall wax melts with soy wax and essential oils. Unique natural non toxic wax tarts are perfect to fragrance your house naturally and make a lovely handmade gift idea for autumn and the holiday season. With tips for warmer and burner, storage, reuse, how to use, how to clean. Cute pumpkin spice wax melts. #waxmelts #waxtarts #diywaxmelts #essentialoils #homefragrance |

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How to make a simple natural fall air freshener DIY room spray with essential oils in 5 minutes! The easy homemade room refresher spray recipes need just 3 ingredients plus and is perfect to make your home smell like autumn. This air freshener spray is surprisingly easy to put together and will make your house smell amazing. Also a great DIY gift idea, includes free printable labels. #essentialoils #essentialoilrecipe #airfreshener #roomspray #essentialoilDIY #fall |

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Enjoy the sweet smell of apples and warming spices in a fragrant fall stovetop potpourri. In this easy DIY, learn how to make a stovetop potpourri recipe and make your house smell clean and amazing. This homemade air freshener simmer pot is a great way to home fragrance naturally. The materials include fresh fruits, lemon peel, cinnamon and other dried spices. Optionally essential oils, rosemary, orange or vanilla. #potpourri #airfreshener #stovetoppotpourri #simmerpot |

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Enjoy fall scents! Learn how to make DIY pumpkin spices candles with soy wax and essential oils! This creative easy homemade fall scented candle recipe includes a pumpkin spice essential oil recipe, tips for the best materials and highly scented soy candles with essential oils. Poured in jars and decorated with free printable labels, this project is a great handmade gift idea for autumn holidays and Christmas. #soycandle #scentedcandle #essentialoils #pumpkinspice #fall |

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Learn how to make romantic 6 floral autumn diffuser blends! The DIY essential oil recipes make your house smell like fall the natural way. Some blends are uplifting & anti-stress, great to wake up in the morning, to energize and focus, others calming, perfect for relaxation in the evening, and for sleep at bedtime. The EOs include: lavender, vanilla, neroli, sandalwood, ylang ylang & cinnamon. #diffuserblends #essentialoils #fall #autumn #aromatherapy #diy #relaxing |

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Learn how to make your home smell like autumn with 6 seasonal essential oil blends for fall! Autumn essential oils provide cozy fall fragrances & calming natural scents to enjoy all season long. Fall essential oil diffuser blend recipes are easy and will help you relax. The DIY essential oil blends are great air freshener and good for aromatherapy, home fragrance, relaxation, focus, energy & purification. #diffuserblends #essentialoils #fall #autumn #aromatherapy #diy |

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