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If you believe in yourself anything is possible | Free Printable Quote

“If you believe in yourself anything is possible”

Motivational life quote to stay motivated and keep a positive mindset: If you believe in yourself anything is possible. Tab the image to download the free printable quote to frame and decorate your home or office. #quote #positivity #inspiration #motivation #lifequote | calligraphy | for women | for home | floral | décor | typography | 8 x 10 | free prints| colour printable |

This lovely quote is a wonderful reminder that we don’t always rely on others to achieve our goals and realise our dreams. You only need one person to believe in you and that person is yourself. The sentiment expressed in these inspiring words is great for so many occasions: starting a new job, being or becoming self-employed, for school kids, and anyone participating in competitions.

I kept the design of this printable quote quite simple: a white font and colourful blooms set before a dark, chalkboard-coloured background. I like the fresh, bold look and the contrast between the playful font I chose for the word “possible”, which contrasts nicely with the sans serif of the rest of the text. The style is similar to the printable spa kit labels I recently made for Irena’s DIY spa kit.

How to print the quote

For the best printing results, I recommend using 22 lb printer paper for frames but 32 lb premium printer paper when you prefer the printable as unframed wall décor.

Also, make sure to set the printer’s settings to print at 100% and to choose the highest quality. You can read more printing recommendations here. We use this Canon printer to print our printables and like the quality of the prints.

If you print with a reduced size, for example at 50%, you could also use this quote as a greeting card and add a bit of text to the back.

Frame and gift the printable

When it comes to hanging, you can either cut out and hang the quote unframed or place the printable in a gorgeous frame. The quote is designed to fit into 8 in x 10 in / 20 cm x 25 cm picture frames. Depending on how the frame is sized, you may have to trim the edges a little to fit into the frame.

I think any of the following frames or this simple black frame,  elegant white frame, or this frame with a mat would look lovely and accompany the dark design of this print well.

For a rustic or farmhouse living space, this distressed white frame, or this light wooden frame, or these dark wood frames would be gorgeous.

The framed quote would be a gorgeous addition for a living room office space, or a nice gift.

You can also use the quote as a cover for a folder or make it a page in your binder. I have a goal binder and I like to put quotes in there, too, so that I occasionally stumble upon a little positivity that keeps me inspired and motivated.  

Share the quote with someone who needs something uplifting

I hope this printable quote adds a little positivity to your day and reminds you to always believe in yourself because you got this!

To share this quote with a friend, family member or colleague, tab on the social sharing buttons on the left. You can also download a printable version and hang it in your home or office to keep you motivated and stay positive. For more positivity and inspirational quotes follow our Words of Wisdom board on Pinterest.

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Cyna xo

Free Printable Quote: “If you believe in yourself anything is possible”

Click on the button to download the free printable quote: “If you believe in yourself anything is possible.”


Browse our collection of 9 free printable life quotes to frame and use them to decorate your and office to keep you motivated and stay positive. #quote #positivity #inspiration #motivation #lifequote | calligraphy | for women | for home | floral | décor | typography | 8 x 10 | free prints| color printable |

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